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  1. thnx NEWBIE and well good luck to ever1 don't lose faith
  2. Get Familiar with EAD Form I-765

    so i checked out the application just to find out what they would possibly ask, but i have a question its asking you to list any possible SSN that you have every used, really? why??
  3. hi guys I'm currently new with this site but i came across this question, my mom mentioned that she had heard something about tattoos possibly being a reason why i could be denied. I really hope this isn't the case, i have 2 tattoos both aren't inappropriate in anyway, i have faith on my wrist and on my right back side the word family with 5 stars around it. personally i think this shouldn't be a reason for someone with a tattoo to be denied the right to this act , tattoos are in someway a way to express something we feel or something/someone we love. if anyone has anymore information about this i'd really appreciate it if you can let me know, I'm very anxious to know.. also does our grades thru out high school matter? or is it just important to have your diploma? thnxx!
  4. Welcome to the forums atlalolini :)