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  1. hmm well another question lol (ugh) this is such a mess right. like i think i'm right but then i find something else and im like what?? on question 16 on the I-765 we answer C 33 right but on the instructions it says that we have to file at this address in Chicago. but like on the website on USCIS it says Phoenix ??? what then?
  2. anyone near LA that got a lawyer? and its fairly cheap? help plz.....
  3. thanks ale . one more question. do u know if this is going to be a 1st send 1st serve ? like if we were to send it today for instance would we get our stuff faster than someone who sends it like a week from now. ?? cause i have mine done pretty much but i can't afford a lawyer to double check my stuff. but there is going to be a workshop on the 25 for help- idk if i should wait. my gut says i should wait. but i don't wanna wait 10 days it seems a lot but i wanna be right
  4. so that's what goes there? Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals by ICE ?
  5. Question on Filling out I-821D

    i have the same question as Ale. on that ^ i put Undocumented is that right? i came in the country w a visitors visa.
  6. I got a question

    Itzel i have a question. who do we send the money order to? i know the address but for the who what is it?
  7. On 15 i put Undocumented is that wrong?? i came with a visitor visa (that's what i put for 14)
  8. Okay so for example my Birth Certificate needs to be translate it right from Spanish to English. but does it have to be by a lawyer? or can just anyone do the translation and just sign it? or does it have to be done by a lawyers and be certify and stamp and sign ???
  9. What to Fill and Where to Send It!

    one more question i got the Where part but what about the Who To?
  10. What to Fill and Where to Send It!

    Oh okay thanks Rawf
  11. What to Fill and Where to Send It!

    Why are there two address's the U.S. Postal Service and USPS Express Mail/Courier ?? which one do we send it to?
  12. yeah ill just check once i get my stuff then
  13. oh okay cool - thanks im in Cali. btw
  14. Does everyone need to get their criminal record even thought i know im clean 100% or juts the people that have something ???
  15. (if accepted) we just gotta go to our dmv's and apply for a driver's license right? or like how do we apply for one? do we have to fill out something extra?
  16. Criminal Record

    Okay thanks <3
  17. Dream act vs deferred action.

    What would the Dream Act do if pass? just get us a green card if we graduate and financial aid?