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  1. Official Approval Thread - EAD And DACA

    I got the accepted letters on the 24th! CONGRATS to all who have been accepted, and Patience to those who are still waiting! :*D
  2. Same here, I went to the biometrics with my brother and I have gotten approved and I am currently waiting for my ssn, which is exciting, but my brother's hasn't arrived. i feel too worried about his app that i can't get excited ..
  3. Who Will WIN? OBAMA V ROMNEY?

    Well, I live in a pretty conservative area. All I see is Romney signs, its really weird when I do see a Obama sign. So I always feel like Obama has a very small chance of winning. BUT looking at the big picture.... it would really be hard to tell. They are both very equal on the popular vote... Of course I am hoping Obama stays. I can't say he is the best president we have seen but Romney's self-deportation is ridiculous, along with some of the other stuff he has said.
  4. no lawyers get approved faster.

    My parents got me a lawyer, because they watch too much TV LOL,. but my cousin also got a lawyer and it only took her around three weeks. Her brother's application was sent along with hers and he hasn't been approved (yet). So it's really about the process and the people looking at the applications.
  5. Did the Biometrics today! It's so exciting seeing everybody who have been accepted. :)

  6. ick, didn't realize that I was missing some documents, lucklily they will be arriving from Mexico soon..Though it seems forever :o

    1. Admin


      Which documents did you not include?

    2. Rawf


      Would be useful to know which documents you didn't include! :)

  7. If we have a translated birth certificate, then the Spanish copy won't be necessary right?
  8. How big is your application packet?

    I don't have much, at all.. I'm still in high school, and don't have bills since I live with my parents. So all I have is my transcript (which I won't get until Thursday) Copy of expired Visa. Mexican Passport (if its required) copy of id from the consulado (maybe) Immunization card I'm getting my birth certificate translated. so that too. and I'm not sure if the transcript will show my current classes, so a copy of my classes to show that I am going to school. And a copy of this year's school ID.
  9. Who's skipping work?

    I was going to skip the first day of school when I first heard about this in June (when I wasn't sure about the process), luckily they decided to start school a day later:D Hey Nuvi, I live in Oklahoma if you need the consulado the closest one (at least around around the east side of Oklahoma) is on Little Rock Arkansas ( a four hour drive from Tulsa, I think) And another one is in Kansas. But most people that are living in Oklahoma(that I know) are told to go the Little Rock one.
  10. Hello!

    I'm Selene, I am from Chihuahua Mexico. I was brought to the U.S when I was 7, 10 years ago this September. I will start my senior year in High School and will be attending a Tech school half the school day. (which I'm lucky I barely got in, 'cos if I get work card, it gives me job opportunities and if go to colloge I will get college credits! (and it's free for high school students)) Anyways I'm happy I found this page because I like knowing people I can talk to, get help from and give help to. And just knowing people doing this also makes me feel more relaxed somehow And I sometimes tend to ramble, (deleting and retyping just doesn't work, 'cos I still go on and on.. lol) So sorry for that ehehe.
  11. hello my name is adriana :)

    Hi! I'm not sure about the financial aid. I have read, that you can and that you can't. thruthfully, I don't think we will be able to get it. But really, we will have to wait and see until they have everything settled. & This is what I got from the page about the residency Right now the application isn't ready, but will be on the 15th. I can't tell ya where it will be available in NY but it will be available here . Hopefully I was able to help you a bit
  12. Non-fiction or Fiction Books?

    I mostly read fiction I like placing my mind in another world sometimes so I can relax.. I do love reading autobiographis and biographies though. Except that I don't like how a book will end, so if I know exactly who I'm reading about, I'm just like: "...and at the end it won't matter because he's gonna die!! D: " lol
  13. Okay I have so many doubts and things I want to say, I'm not even sure how to do this. I guess I'll start with the lawyer part. At first as I read through the USCIS home page that lawyer will no be needed, only if you have doubts about your criminial record etc., I though it was great. But as time has pass and I have thought about it and read many (too many articles) relating to this, I can't help but question everything. Especially with the elections coming up. Having a lawyer will make sense especially if Romney gets elected, because well, he will have a dandy little list of DREAMers (AND family if the application asks the status of family, or anything about family really) Also many times ICE (and other goverment officials) don't follow the rules 100%, So they will have the ability to deport. So having a lawyer would be nice for deportation help, BUT this is only if deportation happens. My cousin got a 'good lawyer' (through the help of a lawyer that help them win a ca$e so that's why they got a fancy lawyer, ) And apparently he will be charging 700-1000 dollars to basically fill out the application. I told them that they could fill it out themselves but yeah.. . And basically what I'm trying to say is, would hiring a lawyer be necessary? (and if you have one, have they said anything to note) Is anybody else thinking about the deportation that can occur because of the Deferred Action, or am I just being panicky? I don't know maybe it's because its just a "too good to be true" kinda thing. And this is not a law, so IF Romney is elected he can just throw it out the trash. UGH, I wish there would be other people I knew, doing this. the area I have lived and gone to school doesn't particularily have many people of color in general, the other Hispanic kids I know are either already residents or not doing it.
  14. Welcome to the forums Selene :)