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  1. I filed my DACA application back in June 15th and I just received a notification from USCIS stating that they have received my application. Will update more shortly. June 15th - Filed DACA as "new applicant" June 30th - USCIS notified they received application
  2. Were you able to get it approved for renewal again? I am currently going through the similar as well. My original DACA expired back in 2014 and I tried renewing, but was denied due to DUI. So, I just recently got my DUI expunged and trying to reapply for DACA again, but not as a "renewal" but as an "initial applicant" since my original expired more than 2 years ago. After reading your thread previously that you were able to get approved after DUI expungement, it gave me hope! I reached out to few lawyers and they were sure that I was going to get denied again so I was hesitant. I'm not sure if I should answer "Yes" or "No" for the question asking if I have EVER been arrested for, charged with any significant misdemeanor.. Any help please?