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    Rawf reacted to Osha in Daca Not Approved   
    People with no lawful status or better yet no drivers license should not be operating motor vehicles. I'm 26 years old and I've been in this country since I was 14. While I've been here I have never operated a vehicle at all, yes, its super embarrassing that a 26 year old man doesn't know how to drive but It helped me stay out of trouble. I have my learners permit now and I'm doing pretty good so far, I should be able to go for my road test pretty soon. If you have no lawful status, don't build a bad record on top of that!
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    Rawf got a reaction from gperez562 in Daca Not Approved   
    That's bad record. You've been stopped several times.
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    Rawf got a reaction from ツ alejandriiukz ㋡ in Checkpoint, Help!   
    She doesn't have to say anything unless asked and if she is not a USC then the answer would be easy.. temporary resident and show them the approval daca letter.
    Then they will ask for identification and who knows what else.
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    Rawf reacted to itzel in Best Credit Cards To Apply For After Daca   
    I applied for Capital One Rewards and yeah the APR is s*** but I'm getting mad money back from each purchase...eventually I'll call them after at the most a year and request a lower APR or threaten to go with someone else, that simple...
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    Rawf got a reaction from star28 in Daca Not Approved   
    That's also the problem, why sign legal documents before reviewing them. No one knows you better than your own self to make changes to the application(s). =/
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    Rawf got a reaction from Gezinha in Absolutely Great...rfe   
    What's the name of the bank? I asked for a letter to the manager of Bank of America and he said they are not authorized to do such thing and even if they did it would not be valid for any immigration process.
    It is unfair how banks charge for statements, but if you have had the same account then you have access to old statements online.
    I understand the frustration, but you knew very well the process would not be easy and fast.. please keep us updated!
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    Rawf got a reaction from pswa83 in If U Claimed Child Tax Credit Is Past ( Nephews)U Wont Getapproved?   
    Why would you claim them anyways .
    But to answer your question, I haven't heard of anything like that.
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    Rawf reacted to pswa83 in Immigration Push   
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    Rawf reacted to Juan1414 in Praise The Lord!!!!   
    Wow really I didn't know u could check the status for the work permit I have only checked for deffered action.
    I been waiting since September 25, but I received an rFE, which I send the evidence back ASAP . They received my RFE
    On January 25th n I should have a respond by next week since is within 60days n bouts to hit my mark. USCIS told
    Me if I don't get an answer by next Tuesday to call them back. I hope I get approved. Congrats to u on ur approved
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    Rawf got a reaction from roadrunner11 in Forms For Traveling   
    Canada is not part of the United States last time I checked, so yes it also includes Canada.
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    Rawf got a reaction from StephenB3 in Official Nebraska Approval or Pending Cases   
    An identification has never stopped me from going places, a passport is more than enough (even with an old photo). As long as it is still valid.
    Humans always want something they don't have, I wish people would learn to use what they have instead of complaining about what they don't.
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    Rawf got a reaction from roadrunner11 in Forms For Traveling   
    Canada is not part of the United States last time I checked, so yes it also includes Canada.
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    Rawf got a reaction from theaviator360 in Nc License For Dreamer Will Look Normal ( Its Official )   
    As far as I know they are just like everyone else in CA.
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    Rawf reacted to roadrunner11 in Official Nebraska Approval or Pending Cases   
    I don't think you are able to check your case until you actually take your bios in some cases. They do not review your application until the biometrics are taken. Don't worry you will be able to see your status later and what matters the most is planning what you will do once you have it.
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    Rawf reacted to Afrosana in Best Credit Cards To Apply For After Daca   
    Okay, I'm not trying to insult your intelligence. If you feel that way, I honestly apologize-- that was not my intention. Also, I never called you a child or anything similar to that, so that being your first reaction makes me wonder others have treated you that way before?? You sort of said that out of no where....
    But here is my main point: why ask me what the book says, whereas if you really are that interested or that disappointed with Dave Ramsey's point of view, read the book or research and let's have a settled and organized debate based on specific points we both read and want to point out Second, I'm actually a little surprised that you being an accountant major haven't heard of Dave Ramsey. This whole post may actually have value now because it introduced to you another point of view where in a future when you have customers coming to you because you'll be a successful accountant, you will have knowledge about the subject and teach them why Dave Ramsey is wrong.
    The last thing I want to say is, a learned of Dave Ramsey from my mentor, not from a random college student that pointed me to a book in barnes and noble. My mentor is an undergraduate alumnus from Princeton University and a graduate alumnus from Harvard University, who is CEO of a Financial Services Company and has been working in the finance area for almost 20 years. When you want to learn to succeed, you need to seek the person that already reached success. Why would anyone listen to someone's "success strategy" when they haven't even reached success themselves Dave Ramsey reached success.... so did my mentor. Which is why I have taken to heart what they tell me.
    This is my final post by the way, so feel free to argue back and pour out your heart because It will be the last one. I really do hope you read the book, for whatever reason, but that you read it so you have a solid foundation on either point of view you pick.
    Above all, I wish you all the success in the world and that you will take care of your future with the choices you make today to be able to stand out and enjoy success!!
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    Rawf got a reaction from Afrosana in Best Credit Cards To Apply For After Daca   
    Exactly. Well put!
    Spending is investing, if we don't invest then companies go out of business and that would ruin the country. Either way like Calidreamer said, "don't bite more than you can chew".
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    Rawf got a reaction from Afrosana in Praise The Lord!!!!   
    Around 3 to 4 days It depends how fast USPS works in your area.
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    Rawf got a reaction from Afrosana in Praise The Lord!!!!   
    It happened sometime ago, but I don't think it is your case. Congrats!!
    And yes it is somewhat normal, give it a few hours and your DACA will change as well
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    Rawf got a reaction from Calidreamer in Best Credit Cards To Apply For After Daca   
    Sounds like you worship that person and while that's okay, it does not mean he is completely right.
    I would rather drive something I truly like, and not just go for a car just for the price and which might break within a few months.
    Also newer cars spend less gasoline with is nice and equals to less spending than getting a low end car.
    Just my two cents.
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    Rawf got a reaction from Gezinha in My Name Is Marco Antonio   
    To be a law enforcement you have to be a citizen. At least to be a police officer.
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    Rawf reacted to Calidreamer in What about credit? Is it going to be hard to start building up ur credit score ... Any ideas on how to build up ur credit fast ?   
    Congrats Rawf!! Next stop Kia!!
    Instead on "name here" you should of write: Alright "Rawf". Lolz
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    Rawf reacted to JoseG in After Rfe 60 Day Deadline And Still No Answer   
    Since you were issued an RFE, I would call after 60 days to do a Service Request so that they can look into what's going on.
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    Rawf got a reaction from Momo13 in So I Think I'm Approved !   
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    Rawf reacted to outofmxny in Best Credit Cards To Apply For After Daca   
    Thanks for the information everyone. I had no clue about these cards and was automatically going to apply for a secured card from Capital One.
    I'll try applying for the Newcomer card soon and let you all know how it goes.
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    Rawf reacted to srs in Removed