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  1. USCIS forms questions

    Hello, My name is Alby and I have experience filing for several USCIS forms and expungement of DUI’s. Ask me anything!
  2. Hello everyone, my name is Alby and I'm a mod. I want to help you as much as I can. Join my DACA/Dream Act chat room! https://discord.gg/MKNruC
  3. Just approved. Self filed! Expunged DUI! God is great!
  4. What state? Fully expunged DUI’s with apps got denied? What lawyer? When do you renew? Any proof? You were approved! Why doubt?
  5. My new renewal is pending. Where have you heard this?
  6. What state did you expunge in? I’m in California. I never got an intent to deny. I showed the court minutes where it shows NOT GUILTY PLEA ENTERED. Get the minutes from the court. Make sure it says NOT GUILTY PLEA at the end of the file. Say on page XX, it shows that my arrest for DUI was a result of NOT GUILTY, NOT CONVICTED.
  7. I got a DUI and expunged it. I was able to renew my DACA.
  8. Anyone still trying to renew despite the court challenges?
  9. No. They don’t need to know. All I did was filled out a form giving them permission to contact USCIS on my behalf. USCIS always reacts quick after a congressional inquiry. So, I was finally approved. And the representative is republican!
  10. I was finally approved again. I had a DUI, which I expunged.
  11. Introduction

    https://discord.gg/6MV8Z4 Please join us. I will answer questions!
  12. I got the same thing. It is just some random response. I wouldn't pay attention to it. I contacted my congresswoman and I got an RFE. Now, hopefully waiting for an approval.
  13. There are some states that will take back the guilty plea once one does probation and complete sentence requirements like California. I got a DUI and now I am close to getting approved again because my court disposition now says NOT GUILTY. However, there are some states that do not expunge DUI's like Virginia. Unfortunately, he will have to go back to the shadows and wait for another type of law since VA does not expunge DUI's, https://vacode.org/19.2-392.2/ USCIS will still see the guilty plea and deny. I'm sorry , but as an immigrant; one mistake can ruin your life in USA. This doesn't mean he WON'T ever be legal. He can get married and purse that route or wait for the real DREAM ACT to pass or Imigration Reform, if they ever happen. As for DACA, he won't qualify. It is cut and dry.
  14. Hi From Texas

  15. DUI to DACA to Greencard

    Thank you for the input. I myself have a DUI. I expunged it and now waiting for another approval.
  16. This sucks. Hopefully, congress acts.
  17. They received mine on 12.11.16! I am still waiting since then! I already contacted my congresswoman for help even though she is a republican. I hope I get approved soon! I will stay in touch and tell you guys! I expunged my DUI in Cali!
  18. That is NOT my approval. I just found it randomly. When did they receive your application? Do you have an expunged DUI?
  19. Not Mine! Sad! But at least , they are still approving. Freshly Minted! TODAY!
  20. Still waiting for my renewal. It has been pending since December 2016! Sent it with an expunged DUI. The wait sucks!
  21. Hey Alex, please let us know the outcome. i also sent my renewal with acceptance date of 12.11.16. I sent it with an expunged DUI. i have not heard anything yet. Just that it has been received.