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  1. PLEASE pm me how to get a secured card with a false ssn! Or post in my thread! I tried for the first time today and they want to verify everything and I don't know if they're going to give me the card or say my documents are fake and they aren't going to give me a card...
  2. I just applied for a secured credit card using a fake SSN that I verified didn't belong to anyone already. The credit card website sent me an email asking for 4 or 5 different identity verification documents! I created the easiest to create of each document and emailed it in. They didn't send me an email saying they accepted my application so I emailed them. The next day they sent me an email asking for the same documents. I sent them again. They sent me an email with a link. I click the link and it opened a page saying for me to log in before I read it! I don't know what this is but I'm not giving them my email and password to open it! I need to get cards using my fake ssn so I applied for a secured one but it's not becoming a success story like so many others have shared. What do I do to get credit cards to start building credit here? I don't have any documents but I can create them...
  3. Welcome to the forums ingridher :)