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  1. Are you out to everyone?

    I can relate Rawf, only close friends of mine know which is about 4. Family of course knows, I also believe the fewer ppl know the less stress and worry we are. Some of those frnds of mine just found out, when they asked me if I knew any lawyers for immigration, everyone believes I am either a us citizen, or resident. ( I wish...!) But I still haven't even send in my application...
  2. Omg... this is just horrible... some people just can't let others accomplish what they want in life... I truly hope no other state joins these spineless govs. Who like to push down individuals, for something they have waited for and worked hard for....
  3. Do we put down fake SSN?

    Ok, thanks ale. Because I'm kinda torn Between this, because I am sure they knoww about more than half may have used a fake ssn.. and then I wouldn't be providing fake documentation of any kind but I don't want to lie and then it coming up on my background check... : \ thanks I will take a look.!
  4. Ok so I know I have asked many this, but I was hoping to see how many of you guys who have used a fake ssn put it down on form I-765 question 9... I know there was a lot of questions and so many different answers regarding this
  5. birth certificate

    I believe you can use a baptism record... I think I read that on an online site. It says Certificate of baptism Issued in the united states as a way to identify yourself
  6. Your First Car after Deferred Action

    I have ALWAYS wanted a camaro..! Or something fast : > I love going fast, something small I don't like big cars. Forest green would LOVE it if it was a 2012!
  7. Lol.! Which is EXACTLY what one will received if approved. : ] She just f***** herself over. : > Making herself look like a butt head..

    That is just horrible.! WHAT I TERRIBLE PERSON.... What kind of person would do such a thing... This Governor shouldn't even be GOVERNOR.... A governor should is someone who listens to EVERYONE in their state... Not throw more than half the people aside, and treat them like worthless people...
  9. help filling out I-765?

    I am on my cell phone, what is the question exactly.?
  10. help filling out I-765?

    Ronny, if I am correct you are refering to the little boxes correct.? You check the first box. And for you're second question, what number is it...
  11. help filling out I-765?

    Mayra I don't understand you're. Question.?
  12. help filling out I-765?

    Itzel, sorry you misunderstood my comment, I wasn't mad because of what you told me to leave it blank, I was reffering to being mad it didn't fit, the first time I typed it in.. In no way was I mad about you're advise.. I. Appreciate it all.
  13. help filling out I-765?

    What is the question exactly Ronny.? Sorry I'm on my way to work and on my mobil.
  14. help filling out I-765?

    Welcome Ale. : ] Lol, yeahh pswa, that happend to me too. But once I thought I was done, I decided to re-read and re-read the instructions. Good thing I did..! I had put something TOTALLY different.. : \
  15. help filling out I-765?

    What Itzel told me to do was to leave it blank and then fill it with BLACK ink after we print out the application. I know I was mad...