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  1. Hey guys i just made this like 5 minutes ago because i have some questions and i hope yall can help me.I live currently in South carolina,ive been here for around 3 years now.I lived in Kentucky for around 10 years i came here when i was around 5-6.But back to the point....many of my friends have tried to apply to colleges here in SC and all of them have been rejected using DECA.So i was wondering where i could go to college? I know i would have to pay extra because i would be out of state.So...

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      i live in south carolina too, i feel you bro! i have a good GPA, im not trying to brag because trust me i worked really hard, im talking about staying up late, staying after school tutoring a lot... but i was accepted to a nursing program in SC, once they ask me for my status they told me i wont be able to get the license but i can take the program for free with scholarship..TRY HORRY GEORGETOWN TECH OR GREENVILLE TECH THEY WORK WITH DACA STUDENTS

  2. 2014 Applications

    I just applied to it last week.
  3. Welcome to the forums yair1996 :)