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  1. I sent my packaged I received a NOID (Noticed of Intent to Deny) Not a Denial. I just sent it back with info etc. I"m on the process of getting my DUI expunged.I didn't hire a Lawyer because the process is simple & you can do it.They charge $120 to do it at the court,but if you qualify for a fee waiver then it's free. Now my question is I'm about 90% sure I'm going to be denied because of my DUI I did send them a copy that my DUI is in the process of being expunged with letters from church,friends of mine etc.Because if you show exceptional circumstances you have a chance if you have a Significant Misdemeanor. I'm planning on replying to DACA but when I do.I want to know exactly what you sent regarding your DUI copies that it have been expunged etc. I will not hire an attorney because I've done everything myself before and well the attorneys I spoken too don't know anything. I will appreciated the help Thank You.
  2. Has anyone or does anyone know if someone was approved for a renewal for DACA. After you were approved with an expunged DUI the first time?
  3. I received a text then I received the letter of termination. I contacted ACLU they just want a case against the current administration. I"m just waiting to see if I qualify and receive my DACA once again for 60 days so I can do a renewal.
  4. I would like to let everyone know my DACA was terminated out of the blue last year. It did not explain if it was for my Expunged DUI or not. I had previously file for the DACA when it first came out but was denied because my DUI was not expunged. The second time I applied I expunged my DUI and was accepted! I'm applying once again because the USCIS memo allows anyone who's DACA was terminated to apply.
  5. Behind the scenes on DACA

    Come join us guys for questions faster replies. Finger cross for good news.
  6. Look in here.
  7. Damn dude! All I can say is you're in Texas You can't expunge your DWI like in California. Talk to a criminal and immigration lawyer.
  8. Daca Not Approved

    Yes! you need to hire an attorney.
  9. I really hope everything works out. I know the feeling of fear and overwhelm
  10. Good Luck! Lori. Keep us posted girl. Did you send your expungement papers?
  11. A Request For Evidence (RFE) is made by USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) when an immigration or visa application is lacking required evidence, or the immigration officer needs additional evidence to determine the eligibility of an applicant for the benefit sought.
  12. He needs to apply for "Advanced Parole" leave to Mexico and come back. Talk to an immigration attorney.
  13. You need to talk to an immigration attorney. Did your husband come to the US with a visa? if he didn't he should try applying for advanced parole.
  14. What happen with your DACA and your DUI

  15. Romero I know you got denied for DACA.

    because of the DUI what did they send you? Noticed to Appear,deportation letter or just denial letter.

    Did you expunge your DUI & apply again?

  16. What happened? Did you get denied or accepted. What about everyone else.
  17. A DUI is considered a * Significant Misdemeanor" I was rejected the first time but was accepted after with Expunge DUI
  18. Thanx Alex! keep us up to date with your case bud.
  19. You might have a chance. My DACA with an expunged was accepted.
  20. I was accepted on May of 2016 the post office. The post office lost my EAD after speaking to the USCIS agents they just gave me the round around until one of them told just to pay & re apply for a replacement card. I payed the $465 again & did my biomectrics last year. Finally I received my replacement EAD! it expires next year on May. So close to a year.
  21. Yay! I got a call from the POST OFFCICE they had my new work permit. The first one got lost one year wasted smh!
  22. If you could change one thing...?

    Tell me about it. 97 percent of my family lives in the US most of them are US Citizens or Permanent Residence including my mom & brother's. I honestly don't know what I would do if I was deported.
  23. Daca renewal denied

    Yes. First of all what where they asking you when they send you the RFE? USCIS makes a decision Q25: Can I appeal USCIS’ determination? Click the top link & look for that question. You might not even need to pay anything & get back on track.