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  1. Well this was wrong. You CANNOT use your Matricula as a proof of ID.
  2. Discriminated

    I know I'm not the only one here and I know some of you will say "limosnero y con garrote" pero hear me out. Ever since I've gotten my EAC and my Social is been hard to find a good-pay reliable job. And I didn't think it was a big deal till my friend from Honduras who's under the TPS program showed me his license and social. His social is a regular 6XXXXX number and his license is valid for 5 years or more. I don't feel like I had to explain my legal status everytime I go for an interview and the interviewer is looking at my documentation looking it all weird and question it if it's legal or not. Let's face it folks, there's always racism everywhere and when they start asking me "Why is your license a 'Limited term' one"? Or why does your social has "Valid for work only with DHS Authorization" written all over it? These employers will give you a weird look and probably saying inside their heads "These folks came to steal americans jobs" and I know you guys feel the same way too. Is been hard for me to get a loan for a house because my legal status is reviewed every 2 years and they say that is too risky for them to give me a loan. I feel that us that have renewed our stay here should really rally up the group and ask the person in charge of DACA to cut us some slack and let us have our licenses for more than 2 years and give us a regular SS card. Am I the only that feels this way? I don't think so.
  3. Hello, well first and foremost I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Israel Lozano and I'm from Houston, Texas. Just got recently approved, but I have a question. When I get my DACA document, can I go the SSN Office to get my social security number and use my Mexican Matricula as a form of an ID? My birth certificate was lost and can't find the darn thing. Please help me and elaborate on this. Thank you.
  4. Welcome to the forums IsraelLozano :)