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  1. I read this in one of the articles and it wasn't as clear por me, could anybody help me? what would they do? the thing is that are asking for affidavits from people and then they said something like it wouldn't be enough! ?
  2. Anyone??

    Well my case status its still on "initial review" about two weeks ago I received the notification saying that my case was sent to a local USCIS office for processing, today a few hours ago I received another notification saying that now its in process and all of that... does anybody know anything about situations like this?
  3. Updates!

    Well today I got a text message and the email saying that my case had been transferred to another center, and my case status still on "initial review" has anyone had the same case? What does it mean ? Should I start getting more excited? LoL
  4. thank you for the information!! lets see how it goes!! I'm a little late running on 90 days for my expiration date!!

    1. stolenlacs


      Congrats!! make the most of it!

  6. Anyone??

    Ohh okay and well it says initial review still....they told me on the 23rd of May that it was being transferred, and then on June 6th they told me it had been transferred! Do you know if it takes long still??
  7. I Think Im Approved......

    Congrats @Fresita22 about damn time lol enjoy and have fun!!! (; #YOLO hahaha
  8. Hello Bahamian From Florida

    Awesome!! well I'm from the North side of Mexico, is called Monterrey, Nuevo León. AKA "La Ciudad De Las Montañas" "La Capital Grupera de México" and now I live in DeLand, Florida.
  9. Hello Bahamian From Florida

    Indeed we do!!!!! is the SunShine State, therefore we have to bring it on!!!!! a big bright smile too!!!!!! where are you originally from though???
  10. Hi I'm Armando

    Very touchy and just so you know, I am very proud of you, it takes courage to accomplish all of that, is a shame especially to those who are born here that have all that it takes to become someone in life, but good luck in your future bro! keep up the great work! one quick question....i hope you don't mind answering it, what part of Mexico are you from???
  11. Hello Bahamian From Florida

    Welcome here!! I'm from Florida too! (*¯︶¯*)
  12. Saludos From Socal

    LoL ↑
  13. Well just so y'all know, I just sent mine on 01/24/2013...I sent it through the certified mail, that's how the ppl at the USPS told me even though through express mail was faster, they gave me the tracking number, and it shows that they signed it and received it, although they haven't sent me an email nor a text, but all i have to say to you all is to be patient, eventually we will get through this... let's hope for the best!!(: God is good, and remember "together we stand" "together we dream " ↖(^▽^)↗
  14. Hey anyone, what did you guys put in the money order, like who is it being sent to??
  15. @Afrosana well when i had the court it was alright. The judge was a black guy, and treated me fair enough. I just had to pay what was left from the bail bond, and they didn't take the driving privilege away from me, I'm light skinned and when i showed my documents which they're expired, they thought i was lying and they also thought i was escaping from a crime or something, since my skin and hazel eyes were there, they never thought i was from Mexico, is funny now though, but at the moment i was scared, being a first timer, and not knowing of what to do, but since i didnt put any resistance and went on with whatever they were doing they were being nice to me at the end, but by the time of my arrest, three more police cars surrounded me like a true criminal, they gave me the right to remind silent, but all i told them was, if a sheriff would have been the one pulling me over, i wouldn't have to go through this, a sheriff knows more about traffic than y'all, all they did was remained silent and took me into the car!!! i didn't want to hire and attorney or make a big deal, just for the fact that i did not have a valid driver's license! but remember... "What Goes Around, Comes Around" Hope all of you guys are doing great!! (: And good luck!.
  16. Fl. Is something else, i was pulled over by a police and they took me to jail, i was there for like three hrs, and it was my first time being pulled over, they searched my vehicle, took me out of the car, handcuffed me and took me in, after telling the officer why i didnt have a license, his eyes got watery, it was awesome how i made him feel like s**t after he took me, then i was bail bonded by my parents, and had to go to court. It was terrible but nothing out of this world! this was last year, and a drunk guy crashed into my old house so i had to leave, while i was going to my new home, is when i got pulled over!!!!! God is good all the time! enough said!!
  17. Story Time!

    While trying to get...
  18. Question on Filling out I-821D

    That's how it says under the instructions... Dont think im making it up!! good luck!

    Damn, really though, but if Obama is approving the DACA, why wouldn't he veto this vieja, my opinion is that she's doing this to scare our DREAMERS from AZ, so it could be less applicants, lets keep our heads up high brothers and sisters and she will get what she deserves, i hate people like this bitch.... like if she's gonna go and make a building or a bridge, excuse my vocabulary but people like her should not even give their opinion!!!!!!! pinche racista de mierda!!!
  20. Question on Filling out I-821D

    Fot current status you should put "unlawful status: DACA by ICE" all in caps!
  21. What to Fill and Where to Send It!

    Please excuse my ignorance, but I've been reading around and i can't really see where it says about the identical photos, ycould you provide a link with such info!?? please and thank you!!!! good luck colleagues! (:
  22. deadine

    No ma'am, so far they haven't posted anything about deadlines, the app has on top that it expires on 02/28/2013. good luck and DON'T rush it!(:
  23. Story Time!

    Idea because we were...