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  1. Over Age Approval

    My older brother was 6 months over the age limit to apply for DACA so before we try applying for him, just wanted to know if anyone has ever heard of or knows anyone that was over the age limit and still got approved for DACA. He meets all of the other requirements for DACA though.
  2. Student Loans For Daca

    Im currently planning to do this if Im unable to get a student loan. It's just I work in construction and this field dose not really allow part time work. I've already told my boss my intentions to go back to school and it seems like I might be out of a job soon and the only way i'll be able to afford paying out of pocket is to keep my current wage. After some digging yesterday I found that Discover gives student loans with work permits but they aren't currently doing business with Suny schools.
  3. Hello everyone, I am new to posting on this forum but have been following it ever since DACA was announced. I would like to use this post to introduce myself as well as ask a few questions. I've been living in the U.S. for 26 years now, all in the state of New York, and received DACA last year. Finally after so long I am in a position to actually move forward in life. About 6 months ago I started actively looking into going to college. There were quite a few road blocks for me to overcome in order to attend, biggest being tuition rate. After about 3 months of getting the run around I finally confirmed that I would be able to receive in state tuition and registered for summer semester. But because it took so long for me to register, I was unable to secure a student loan for the summer semester, which was another big road block. I knew from the start that financial aid was not an option. But I believed it wouldn't be hard for me to secure a private student loan, especially since I have fair credit. Before I even registered for school I was looking into student loans. After speaking with a few bankers from Wells Fargo, I felt confident I would be able to secure the loan with out a co-signer. In the end, I couldn't even get a loan from them even with a co-signer. They have a policy where if the applicant is an immigrant, the co-signer must be a U.S. Citizen that earns more then 12k a year. While I have a number of family members that are citizens, I am extremely reluctant to ask them. After some searching, I found Sallie Mae and after asking a few questions I was told that they would accept my DACA info for the loan. A month later, they tell me DACA is not accepted and I would need to provide a valid I-94 for them to process the loan. I don't even have an original I-94 because when I came to this country, I-94's weren't given to children under a certain age. I found all of this out yesterday and I start classes on Wednesday. With that explanation I would like to finally ask my question lol. Has anyone gone through a similar situation? Or dose anyone know of any lenders that currently approve DACA applicants for student loans? Regardless of getting a loan or not I will attend college, but with out a loan I can't afford more then 1-2 classes a semester. Thank you for your time and I hope everyone has a good holiday weekend.
  4. Welcome to the forums Greever2483 :)