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  1. It looks like the post right above your from Angel_1472 is very similar to your timeline
  2. Good luck to everyone!!
  3. Thank you! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  4. Finally after 111 days, I was approved!!! :D

    1. Nie


      Yaay! Congratulations! The hard part os over :D

    2. MissErika


      Yes! Thank You! Although the 111 days felt like an eternity, I am very fortunate and grateful!

  5. So I just wanted to update everyone with 2014 timelines that finally, 70 days after taking my bio-metrics, I was APPROVED!!!! I got a text message at exactly 6:32 a.m. and I immediately logged on to the USCIS website where it stated that 06/30/14 I was approved and my card was in production. It felt like the longest 111 days (from start to finish) of my life but it is definitely worth the wait. I hope that this means that everyone with similar timelines as mine will be getting approved soon. Best wishes to everyone on a speedy approval!
  6. Are Dreamers Considered Legal Residents?

    I applied for financial aid through the CA Dream Act and was approved. Not sure if it is available outside of California though :/
  7. Thank you and congrats to you once more!
  8. Congrats!!!! I actually had a question... What did they reply after you sent the service request??
  9. 2014 Applications

    http://www.adreamact.com/topic/3029-any-late-2013-and-2014-daca-applicant-timelines/ http://www.adreamact.com/topic/3032-2014-timelines/
  10. This wait is horrible....... Hope we all get approved soon!!
  11. Hey sorry this is irrelevant to your question... But would you mind sharing your timeline? Congrats on your approval!
  12. Thanks for the info Lala!! It is much appreciated!
  13. 2014 Timelines

    Here is the link : http://www.adreamact.com/topic/3029-any-late-2013-and-2014-daca-applicant-timelines/?p=21586 There's not much info there either ....