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  1. Seattle

    Anyone from Seattle? Visiting end of April this year. What are some spots worth checking out or doing? Besides the Space Needle and museums. First time there.
  2. Uber & Lyft

    Anyone doing Uber and/or Lyft? Or anyone use these services?
  3. Thinking of pursuing medical interpreting. Anyone here a medical interpreter, or any type of certified interpreter?
  4. Here you go everyone. All questions answered: Q&A with Top Attorneys & National Experts Personalized DACA Renewal Plan Notifications via Text and Email Free Do-it-Yourself Online Application Tools by Top Lawyers Where to get Trustworthy, Free or Low Cost Legal Help Help with Saving for your DACA Fees Also you can visit for more information.
  5. So looks like the forum is down. It was like the main DREAMer forum on the net.
  6. maribel is also an inspiring model
  7. I miss that sexy texas booty

    1. WilliamFen


  8. Drivers liscence

    Yes you can still use it. You dont even have to bring your SSN card when renewing. You just have to pass the vision test and update mailing address, if applicable.
  9. Hi From Texas

    what is common law marriage?
  10. What state? Every state is not the same in regards to DMV regulations. But I would suggest to provide the actual copy of EAD, instead of form I-797c because that form might not be acceptable form of document for the DMV. Does your license expire the same day as your EAD?
  11. Try applying for a Capital One credit card. I did that when I was 18 with my ITIN number and was approved for like a credit limit of $50. Do you have credit history under your ITIN or starting new credit under your new SSN?
  12. Medical Interpreter

    How long have you been searching for a job as a medical or court interpreter? Are you applying with an agency or hospital or doing freelance?
  13. Medical Interpreter

    I signed up for a training course in Chicaog. We are using the California Healthcare Interpreter Associations standards. Seems like the west coast is on the forefront of the medical interpreter progressive movement. In Chicago, I noticed is a decent gig to apply (once certified) without having any experience and earn a good wage.
  14. received EAD for renewal in the mail!!!

    1. lapancha77


      congrats!! how long did you have to wait after the biometrics?

    2. maven


      check my timeline

    3. Pankaj92
  15. Introducing Myself.

    Reasons why you are initially applying in 2014 instead in 2012/2013?
  16. Renewing Daca
  18. did a walk-in for my biometrics for renewal

  19. 14. [same answer from your initial application] 15. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals 16. ( c )( 33 )( ) Send the address listed on here, according to your state
  20. Help ! Confused

    some are waiting for over 9 months. Be patient.
  21. Renewing Daca

    Once I receive my biometrics appointment, I will do a walk-in again
  22. Yes, requester means yourself. If you did not use an interpreter, leave that part blank. Only fill requested areas and areas that apply to you.
  23. Renewal time! The renewal process is easy. No supporting documentation needed!

  24. Renewal time! The renewal process is easy. No supporting documentation needed!