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  1. Hi Has anyone applied for green card while under daca? if so, did you have to state it on the application? Have to pay the adjustment of status? curious. thanks
  2. Financial Aid For Daca

    yeah... i think i will stay away from the pell grant till my mom petition me. i'm just confused as to why approve me or anyone for that? i swear broken systems.
  3. Financial Aid For Daca

    I definitely got Tap which is State Aid. What i find weird is that my school says i also got the Pell Grants as well , which confuses me because daca doesn't qualify for federal.
  4. Financial Aid For Daca

    I live in NYC, and I am fortunate to able to attend one of the cuny universities, before I applied for DACA I was paying my way through because it is affordable. After DACA, I read we don't qualify for Aid, after doing my own research I applied anyway and was granted aid, something I thought wasn't possible. I filled in the application gave my Alien number and just like that aid that will covers my fall semester. I am happy about that and wonder if anyone else had gotten aid,tap,grants through fafsa? They say, we may not get federal aid but we might qualify for state and college aid and the only way to check is to apply--which I did.
  5. Just Filed My Daca Application Today!

    Congrats! Good luck :-)
  6. 3 Underage Drinking Misdemeanors

    i would apply if i were you, you were young.
  7. Hey Guys, In Need Of Advice.

    I know how that feels. My sister told me that this group existed, so I joined. Happy I did too. As far as the work history is concerned, since it's your dad's ssn it's your dad working at the restaurant. As for a bank account, unless you have your own ssn it may be hard to get a bank account. Now for the underage drinking, it can delay your time line but I would not worry. I will do a service check and see what's going on. Stay positive and make sure you read post with others with very similar past and gage your time line from them. Everyone is different.
  8. I Hope Democrats Stay In Power

    I agree. I think they should work together to better the nation not tear it apart. There need to be a better reform something with a guarantee pathway to citizenship. If we wanted to live anywhere else we would not be here, so why can't we be citizens one day...
  9. I Hope Democrats Stay In Power

    Me too.... Sigh.
  10. I Hope Democrats Stay In Power

    I hope democrats stay in power... why? because with the surge of more people coming here hoping for a opportunity, I'm afraid they might revoke the dream act and hundreds of dreamers who were in the shadows will now be exposed...
  11. Any Late 2013 And 2014 Daca Applicant Timelines

    Fred, you can now file for statues check, call them and let them do it for you over the phone.
  12. Approved!

  13. Am I Eligible For The Dream Act?

    felonies are tough to get approved with...
  14. Am I Eligible For The Dream Act?

    @dream_chaser I think you are quite lucky, you may not be eligible for daca but you came through with a visa, sooo you must have a I-94 which means marriage to an American partner guarantees you a green card and future citizenship. Good luck!