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  1. Daca ends august 2018

    Thanks i will keep doing the research.
  2. Daca ends august 2018

    Well thanks alot guys
  3. I believe it has to b the same as your work permit. Call txdps and ask.
  4. Guys should i still renew my daca even though the deadine is march 5? I go see my lawyer march 1 to renew but what if congress ends daca and i loose out the $. My work permit ends till august 2018. If congress ends could my renewal still process?. Immigration probably wont get to even see my application once its mailed march 1. Idk im on a limbo not sure what to do. Go ahead n renew or wait till after march 5 the deadline.
  5. How Did You Find

    Well I long waiting time after sending application. .n came across this site..wich is awesome with great info..thnx for the site!
  6. Welcome to the forums alba04 :)