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  1. no credit history is better than bad credit history , I rescinded my itin number and I didn't transfer any of my credit history to my new ssn , I had my identity stolen so I have really bad credit its better to start from scratch , this time make sure you don't fuck up your credit though
  2. This questions is not related to the original topic but does any one know or have more information about the 6years of temporary residency if you attend college for 2 years , and if you complete a 4 year and obtain your bachelors degree they may qualify your for permanent residency ? did UCIS already approved this or what I read it on a Wikipedia link
  3. 2014 Timelines

    MAY 27 , 2014 After applying for a social security back on april 7 and going to the ssa 5 times to check status has finally arrived im all set now
  4. Am I Eligible For The Dream Act?

    dream chaser you should give it a shot, make some fake invoices saying you were here before you were 15 its not like they are going to go back and check, I faked a few invoices including the jun 15 date cus I didn't have any proof now, I think you d be alright you should try it really, money comes and goes
  5. Credit Card Help

    bank of America it is then thanks for the info
  6. Not Approve For Credit

    1st rescind your itin # 2nd get a secure credit card, 3rd educate yourself on how to use a secure credit card for best results 4th after 12 months or so the lender will decide if you are eligible to get a real credit card based on how you make your payments try not to be late on them
  7. 2014 Timelines

    Here is mine Date of application sent : January 18, 2014 Acceptance letter: January 27, 2014 Biometrics: February 20, 2014 Date of approval: March 28, 2014 Date of EAD Received: April 5, 2014 Applied for SSN: April 7, 2014 Received SSN: 6 weeks have passed and im still waiting
  8. I see, well I didn't bring my birth certificate, I brought my passport dammit I should've brought my birth certificate well I ma do what Alejandra said go apply somewhere else and bring my birth certificate this time thanks Theresa
  9. Theresa do you know why it took 2 months by any chance ?
  10. Thanks Alejandra I will go to a different office to apply lets see what happens
  11. im on the 5th week waiting to get my SSN, today I went in for the 2nd time to see the status of my SSN, the lady was like you have to wait 4 week , I was like its already been 4 weeks in the 5th week now, now she's telling me that it could take up to 2 months she said that Homeland security still hadn't cleared me , my questions is ...can you get your SSN denied even after your daca has been approved? I cant believe its harder to get a SSN than the actual DACA anybody has any suggestion id be happy to see it , thanks
  12. me too I been waiting for over a month now to get my fkn social security im going tomorrow to find out whats going on my sister got hers in 4 days
  13. Daca Proof?? Help??

    Yeah Notarized letters wont be taken into consideration I would probably say to make fake invoices online with dates you might be missing specially for the one in june 15, I had some gaps in my packet so that's what I did, but I don't know if it might work out for you since 2007-2011 is a HUGE gap, to make that many fake invoices lol , its your call though this is just a suggestion, if you have a google account you can see free templates invoices also you can google "free fake invoice template" it takes a minute since you have to do a lot of research and try to make it legit, thank god for the internet lol
  14. Any Late 2013 Applicants

    USCIS received my packet jan 27, 2014 ....... I did my biometrics Feb 20, 2014 ............. I checked online today march 28 2014 like around 9am and my case was still on initial review, I checked again march 28 2014 at 2:30pm and my case had been approved it says card/documentation production, I should received my document in 30 days from now , as I posted before I had a lot of trafict tickets and even a warrant , but uscis still accepted me so there is hope, if you are in the same situation as me and would like to know what I sent or have any questions hit me up good luck to all of you Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th
  15. Processing Hold.

    I was approved today, I checked my status online and I was on initial review, it went all the way to card documentation production