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  1. Careers After Your Daca.

    As soon as I got my EAD, I got into customer service, Call center since these are the places that are always hiring. (Tip for people with no resume, job experience or unrecommended past employers). 2 years after I got into non-profit organizations and today I am working as a Care Advocate in the Human Resources Field, I plan staying here and growing professionally.
  2. I Lost My Ead Card

    I carry it around everywhere I go actually. Just because I have the phobia that immigration may stop me at any point. I haven't lost it yet but I completely understand what you mean. A quick tip if it helps, as soon as you receive your EAD, do an appt for your license. And if you have a stable job and they already have your info yo won't need your EAD. The issue is that everytime you renew it I believe they must take a copy of your last EAD, or at least that's what I have had to show. Good luck.
  3. Hello Dreamers!!!

    Cruz├│ changuitos for you. Have you done any research to see if they can legally deny it? Because it sounds like if u r able to work u should be able to get Certified as well (of course it may only give u a 2 years cert instead) and renew it like all u r other IDS
  4. Hello Dreamers!!!

    I am.... kinda stressed. This is taking years away from my longevity. Lol.
  5. Are There Any Restrictions On Where We Can Work With Daca

    Don't ask them if they are able to take up work authorization as a proof. THEY ARE!!!! THEY did not do their research I assure u.
  6. Are There Any Restrictions On Where We Can Work With Daca

    Anywhere but the Post Office. They only want citizen and residents. I have had state and governmental jobs and had no issue.
  7. Nothing Nothing.. :-(

    If it is of any help I started reading books of how to sound better in an interview. As I was too shy I was being rejected from almost every job I was looking for, now thanks God I have a better than great job and I can assure you everytime I try to get a new job I go and show how freaking awesome I am. I know reading does not sound exciting but believe me it seriously helps.
  8. Any One Approved After A Rfe???

    Did u receive the RFE?
  9. Hello Dreamers!!!

    My name is Julieta, I know what a dramatic name right? I am not a complete Dreamer because I've had my Work Authorization since 4 years ago and had to renew it every year, my deportation process was stopped around 2 years ago so I have a blessing and a curse of being able to renew my EAD indefinitely but of course going through the long wait every year which seriously drags me out everytime. Currently I have been waiting for a supposedly sent on 12.20.2013 RFE and USCIS has not been of any help as I am yet to receive it. My Current EAD expires on 02.07.2014 however HR in my job already asked me for my new authorization deadline 01.24.2014. Even if they allow me to keep working, I should fly to California on 02.12 to get Certified for my job and I won't have other IDs to neither take my flight nor get my certification. I told a friend and please no one get offended But it does kinda sucks sometimes being a Paisa.....
  10. Welcome to the forums I.have.a.DREAM :)