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  1. Im applying this month but i been reading that some service centers are taking longer than others. Is this a random thing or you can send it to the one u want it to process ur daca app.i am doing through an organization (hispanic coallition)that help start out everything any info will be helpful thanks
  2. Hello i joined because i was looking through and it would really help me to be in touch with u guys who are or went through the process of daca, it took me long enough to take the first step for this process but then here i am. If you guys could share me any tips or info that u guys know i truly appreciate it
  3. Approved!

  4. Finally! Approved.

  5. Denied...what To Do Next?

    Im speechless as far as i know using fake ssn should not be a problem if thats ur case, but lawyers have said that is better if u dont submit anything that shows number of ur fakies, the only thing that comes to my head is to find an organization where u live most of them are free and they might be able to help you good luck !!# keep update on ur case
  6. Thank yall soo much i ve already started so hopefully everything comes out good thanks again