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  1. Hi, I'm New :)

    Hey I am so happy I got my card yesterday. I still can believe it it took a week to received but finally I can go get my social security number thank you cincin.
  2. Approx Daca Timelines?

    Everyone is different my friend sent her application on June 4 2013.I sent my mine on agust 29 2013 I already got approved and she still waiting, also they ask her for more evidence. Good luck and hope you get approved soon
  3. Approved - Nothing Happened?

    O wow that's odd. When they approved me I received a letter within 3 days of my approval Got approved on 11/25/13 letter received 11/29/13 not counting thanksgiving date
  4. Hi, I'm New :)

    Welcome cincin. I just got approved on that 25 of november I already recived my approval letter on that 29 how long would it Take to get my card on that mail ?
  5. Applied In 2013

    I apply for dAca on September 2013 got approved on november 25 2013
  6. Welcome to the forums Nayeli Rivera :)