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  1. Card

    Hey guys i have a questions?? Everything on my card is okay in the front but on the back the spelled one of my names wrong they spelled GERARDA instead of GERARDO should i call them or will i be fine!?????
  2. i applied on monday you think il get it tommarow
  3. how long did take for your social to get in?
  4. Work

    they told me it can take up to 4 weeks
  5. Work

    will i got a paper from the social security place wich says you can llegally begin working whille your ssn is pending aslong aslong immigration gave you permission to work!!! so idk!?!?
  6. Work

    can i work while i wait for social i just applied for it today??
  7. Tomorrow Is The Day!

    my took 8 months i got aproved a week ago!! and my app was procced at the nebraska service center!! good luck man!!!
  8. Aprroved

    i got my tracking number last night i checked my LIN # and it gave me my trackin number its currently in nashville ten!!
  9. I Want To Get This Over With!

    i waited 8 months and a couple of days!!
  10. i got approved last thursday and im still waiting on my card!! i havent recieved a tracking number for my card either!!!??? does anyone how long ?
  11. Did I Get Approved?

    i havent got a tracking number and ts been since thursday!!
  12. Has Any One Travel Outside The Us?

    if i say that that i need to see my gramma sice i havent seen her in the last 17 years and ill!! id have a chance to get approve
  13. Has Any One Travel Outside The Us?

    what kind evedince do you need to apply for advance parol and how much??
  14. The Wait After Rfe

    talk to actuall customer service person and tell em thats its been 60days after RFE amd she will tell you will recieve N email in 2wekks with case update!! i was negative about to but if you havent don nothing bad you will het approved bro
  15. The Wait After Rfe

    give em a call and tell em my 2 months are about to end for RFE thats what i did last wensday and on thursday i was approved my 60days ended today aswell!!!