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  1. Any Late 2013 Applicants

    my was send to Texas office. It as has been 13 months now since am waiting.
  2. can someone please tell me if you have a ged online does it take longer the get your DACA.. because i file my in February 12 i made 4 request service. they still telling is under intensive review... so am not sure if is because i got my ged online or what.. ..i hope someone can answer my question

  3. Daca Not Approved

    hi............can someone please tell me ....i have filled my case 9 months ago and i called the uscis and they told me that my case is in extended review...can someone please tell me what that mean?....also i has my ged online when i file for my paper you think i be denial for having a ged online ...i dont have a any criminal background.
  4. Dream Act

    Hello to anyone out here whose reading this…I have filed my paper in February 15. I did my biometric in March 5….and now have been waiting for almost 9 months …I called the uscis couple time they told me is in the process ..I called again two month ago they told me they still waiting for the security check…I decide to call them back again this week and they told me they will make another request on my case ..So this will be the third request am making… So my question is it normal for a case to take that long, because am really getting nervous. Thank you and please respond to me.
  5. i have been been waiting for my papers for 8 month now ...i did my biometric in March 5 am getting really nt sure why is taking so long....can someone please tell if is normal for it to take that long i will really appreciate it...thank you

    1. gera


      iv been waiting for 8 months and 7 days im almost at 2 months after RfE!!!

    2. illinois26


      same so nervous i dont knw what to do...i have a lawyer that told me to keep calling them and keep bothering them.



      i waited 8months 12 days keep ur head up

  6. Welcome to the forums illinois26 :)