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  1. So I'm not sure exactly what the California dream act does.. And should I get FAFSA or both? I'm not really clear on any of them, like I get the financial aid part but idk if I qualify. I already applied for the Cal Dream act
  2. Recieved My Permit!

    Do I need to take a translated version of my Birth certificate ? If so where can I do that?
  3. Recieved My Permit!

    Do I need to take a translated version of my Beth certificate ? If so where can I do that?
  4. Does your social security card/ID/ and drivers license look any different from US citizens ? Does it say temporary like the work permit card?
  5. Need Help Please. Much Appreciated.

    Hey don't worry man I waited over a year, remain persistent on calling them and asking them what's wrong, but by any chance do you have any felonies? That might have something to do with your pending case
  6. Okay so I got the card now after like year lol, my question is what do I do next ? How do I apply for my social security number ? And what else would I need for employment ?
  7. Am I Accepted ?

    Ok thanks!
  8. Am I Accepted ?

    So on April 1st I took my biometrics, and on April 30 I checked my case status and it's on the last step that says card document production, now I know that they show that before you take your prints but after I took them it was still on initial review, my question is: does this mean that my background check and stuff was ok and I was approved and I'm waiting for what card exactly ?
  9. I received my receipt on November 23 2013 it's now February 24 2014 and still no biometrics appointment. Most got it within a month or less than that. It irritates me that I'm still in square one. I wouldn't mind waiting after the bio was done, but it feels I'm frozen and making no progress at all. Is there anywhere I can call and ask about this? I'm scared I received the letter but it got lost somewhere, but that's not probable because I check the mail everyday
  10. Biometrics?

    How long does it take to get the appointment ? I heard around 30 days but I recieved the receipt November 4 2013 but its December 18 now how what happens after you've done the bio? How long do you wait for the next step ?
  11. I've Waited

    I've waited over a month for my biometrics after i received my receipt, others got it in a week.. How long does it usually take after that ?
  12. I recently applied for the Dreamers act and it was a looooong process, I just received the receipt thing and I was wondering how long Until I'm scheduled an appointment for my biometrics ? I heard a couple people did a walk in but I'm not sure. And also how long after tht do you usually wait for some kind of acceptance letter ? And how does applying for a job work after you've received the Work permit? Do you just enter the social security number they give you or do you tell them you have a work permit ?
  13. Welcome to the forums Maurolopez :)