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  1. Social Security Number Ever Used?

    You can also take your w-2 and they will transfer all of your funds to your newly issued SSN number. @mike I applyed in Feb. And I just got approved. It's coming just be patient.
  2. Background Check

    You should always use what's on your I'D you will also put down you DL number
  3. Applying For An Id

    You would need your SS card, EAD, maybe birth cert. go to your states DMV website. they will have all the required paper work listed.
  4. The bay area is a good place. Cost of living is a little high but it you pick the right spot so are the wages. Good luck.
  5. Excited!

  6. Gov. Open Ssn Card

    The government is now open. You can go and apply for you SSN number as of tomorrow if you haven't yet applied like myself.
  7. Help! Anyone Here Submitted Their Own Applications?

    I went to a lot of forums and community events before applying and one of the things that was stressed was not to fill it out on your own. You need legal advice and backing. I would not recommend you go at it alone. If its funds your worried about I heard on the news that there are groups out there willing to pay for it. ( time for you to do research) goodluck
  8. Why Is It Taking Soo Long ?!?

    You should call uscis.
  9. 8 Months!!!!

    hopefully you don't have to wait much longer , I have everything now but with the gov shutdown I can't apply for a SS# until they reopen SMH too! Hang in there waiting does suck but once you get it you forget all about it. Anyday now it will come out of the blue.
  10. Why Is It Taking Soo Long ?!?

    Nice! Sorry I've been away from my computer and using my phone. But if you go to WWW.uscis.gov there is a box on the upper left that says check case status. Type in your recipt number and that's it. Hopefully you hear something very soon!!!
  11. 8 Months!!!!

    How long have you been waiting now?
  12. Why Is It Taking Soo Long ?!?

    I just got approved on Monday. I'm waiting on my EAD. I just checked my status online and it has a tracking number and a link to see Where you card is. It also says that it went out today and that I should get it on sat. After I contacted my congresswoman everything moved so fast.
  13. Govement Shutdown????????

    Kind of yes. It's not dead by any means. Immigration being a big political issue. But when something happens it seems the be the least important :/
  14. Why Is It Taking Soo Long ?!?

    Go to her web page and there should be a section that tells you where she stands on current issues if she is pro daca give them a call. Let them know that you application is past the time frame. If they are near you, you can go into the office and will talk to you and take copies of you letters from uscis. They will handle the rest
  15. Why Is It Taking Soo Long ?!?

    The area where you live has a congresswoman/congressmen. You can look it up online by zip code. If they are pro daca they can look into why its taking so long. I went to my congress woman's office and a week and a half later I was approved after waiting such a long time. ( political influence) but they have to be pro daca or they will not help you.