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  1. 3 Underage Drinking Misdemeanors

    u have a great chance. get a lawyer to represent u.
  2. 3 Underage Drinking Misdemeanors

    depends on what your conviction was. I was denied for having neg driving 1. I was twenty and I wasn't over the alcohol limit. but again I was not 21yrs old yet and I didn't have a drivers license. good luck to u tho
  3. i was denied for having a dui that got lowered to negligent driving. they called a significant misdemeanor
  4. What Is The Longest You Have Waited?

    for me, I hit the "ONE YEAR" mark on april 22nd. on the 21st I got a notification that they had sent rfe letter but that usually takes about 15 days to get to me. sucks that a lot of us with apps in Nebraska have been waiting for this long.
  5. Does anyone know if there's anyway to contact the person handling the case at the service center ?
  6. Any Late 2013 Applicants

    I applied in late april of 2013. Nebraska has me waiting too. damn
  7. Any Late 2013 Applicants

  8. I have the same timeline(april 22nd--?. and my dui was lowered to negligent driving. still waiting case is in Nebraska and I heard they're taking 8-10 months.
  9. Timeline For Those With Misdemeanors

    I applied in mid April 2013. and still waiting for approval . I had afew thangs n my record but only convicted for one, driving
  10. Is anyone working or heard of anyone working and are at the same time waiting for DACA approval? Does it affect to be employed and waiting?
  11. Work While Waiting For Approval

    @dreamer3oh3,Thnx for da advice. I appreciate it. I hope nothing but da best for u. You seem to have a good head on ur shoulders!
  12. introducing myself (:

    Thats crazy how other states dont give i.d.'s Here in washington state anyone can get an i.d. And a driver's license. I got both so i had no problem applying. It makes it easier getting jobs here too.
  13. Hawaii Anyone??

    I had a friend in high school from there. Yeah he said it was crazy. Alot of drugs and high crime rate. He said that theres alot of gangs too. But in the tourists parts is expensive if you would like the whole aloha experience
  14. Did anyone keep working while waiting to get approved? Because i heard of some people quiting their jobs just to apply and wait!
  15. @dreamer3oh3- well i gotta make money some how. Better to work and save mother nature than to sit and wait. I do understand where ur coming from and i respect that. I have a lawyer, and i wouldnt do something that would prevent me from getting deferred action.
  16. Good luck to all who are going thru this. We already achieved by taking steps into our goals
  17. I'm actually a wildland firefighter. I work for a native american tribe. Maybe they have a diffrent way of enforcing laws or maybe i'm like those immigrants who joined the army. I did all my training and tests, and no i dont think you have to be a citizen for every gov job. And @dreamer3oh3- if you fill out the i-9 form and they hire u, you should be fine for afew months.
  18. Yeah that's true. I'm actually still working. I'm a firefighter. Thanx for replying.
  19. If the incidents happened in the same county then u can go to ur local policecstation and they can give u a paper with ur record showing that it was dismissed. I got that paper at my local police station.
  20. Conviction is what they care about.
  21. Timeline For Those With Misdemeanors

    They're only concerned if you were actually convicted for anything. Just because you went to court for it doesn't mean that is a bad thing. It could of easly got dismissed. Good luck mate
  22. How Did You Find

    #googleteam lol. Yeah i been looking through forum since march every now and then and thank God i found
  23. Positive. You wont b a international student nomore and the rates will lower. Plus u might qualify for some benefits. I heard this on youtube if u look up ATLASDIY channel
  24. April Applications?

    that's awesome. congrats, I hope I get approved soon. one of my friends applied last year around sept. and bearly got approved on may.