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  1. Yeah me too! I got affidavits and other stuff I could get and just sent it on time before the 11th so I should be good, now I'm hoping I get approved.... wonder how long it'll take though, I'll tell my lawyer to keep me posted.
  2. Guys oh man, thank you! You have no idea how much this helps me and how Glad I am to have found this site. Much appreciated I feel much better and will work on it now thanks! Erick
  3. So my lawyer sucks and the secretaries they let me know until almost a month ago but I fixed that I got another lawyer to replace her anyways about usci requesting more evidence from all of 07-may of 08 however I have none I checked I graduated High School in 06 and in 07 and early 08 I didn't do much couldn't go back to school etc. I did get an affidavit from a place I helped out well literally worked got paid cash from 07 until 09 anyways got the boss to notarize it. I got my landlord to notarize that she's been renting me and family since 06 to present. I just need help if anyone knows of a template to make an affidavit for 2 of my friends I went to high school with and known me since like my brothers gf I would see her daily at my house and they're still together I see her daily still. I just don't know what template I should use to write letter and get affidavit notarized. All I can do is get letters now I do not have receipts emails etc. I already looked and my lawyer needs this by this Monday or early coming week! usci Needs it by the 11th of JULY! ugh help.... How many letters do I even need? I have 2 so far.... This is the 8th Month since I started this process for deferred action it's soo frustrating I can't even cry anymore ran out of tears Erick
  4. Welcome to the forums E1em3nt :)

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      Thank You! Thanks for who ever created this forum/site. It helps a lot! : )