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  1. Does This Mean Rfe...

    whats an RFE?
  2. Surprise In The Mail!!

    That's so awesome to hear!!! Congratulations!!! I'm very happy to hear about your success
  3. @Fresita22 Thank You That's really nice to hear
  4. Two Rfe's???

    What's an RFE? I keep seeing it in the forums but have no idea what that means please help
  5. Hello everyone & Thanks For The Warm Welcomes. @Headintheclouds - I got my eye on Stanford since it's in California,
  6. That's the thing there is no warrant for my arrest, I've used resources available to me such as warrant lookup through the San Diego sheriffs website and there is nothing in my name
  7. Thank You! I really Appreciate it! I certainly hope that all goes well, only time will tell
  8. Well I just wanted to introduce myself, My name is Alejandro Patino but friends call me Alex. I'm currently 24 years old living in the city of Escondido in southern California. I'm but a mere 3 weeks away from sending my DACA request & I couldn't be more excited to get this new chapter in my life started. I have many goals & this will help me achieve them. I aspire to get into an Ivy League University & achieve a doctorate in nutrition.
  9. Hello everyone I hope that I can get some insight on this matter that is worrisome for me. I meet all the requirementa for Daca & am a couple of weeks away from sending my request for deferred action, however, I got a traffic ticket in 2011 that I failed to pay. Initially I went to court & set up a payment plan, later on I fell into financial trouble when the car shop that I worked at closed down and in result I was unable to keep paying the court fees, the ticket went into collections and is still unpaid. I'm worried that my request for deferred action will be denied because of my failure to pay. My question is that if I send my request for DACA will it be denied due to having that one unpaid ticket? I hope someone can give me some insight on this matter. Thank You, Sincerely Alex P.
  10. Welcome to the forums AP88 :)