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  1. New Advance Parole Form

    Did you ever travel? I would like to Mexico too? Any advise!?
  2. Were you successfull? I would like to go to mex?
  3. I'm tired of this life, we're treated worse than animals, I feel life is passing me by and I'm not enjoying it, who wants to do a sit in at the state capital or a hunger strike, something non violent that will get ppl attention of this life we lead.
  4. Sucks we can't travel.... Chance they might not let you enter doesn't work for me. Thanks for the reply.
  5. Hello, I should be getting my workers permit this month, I wanted to see if anybody had gone to Mexico and been able to come back, I heard you could by paying a $360 fee. If anybody knows anything please let me know.
  6. Welcome to the forums jtjulian :)