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  1. you are so right about that Sammy305, they do have a lot of cases...but again that's their job to "help". @ Dreamer 303, I think i'll ask my lawyer, i'll see that if by asking him to do this if he he is really willing to help me...
  2. Yeah, i know but i guess what he wants is more money...plus i'm the one who truly cares about my case, i feel my lawyer doesn't...lol.Yeah i will ask him, i just wanna know what's happening with it, you know? I'm pretty sure i'm one of the few out there who has waited thid long..
  3. You know what Dreamer3oh3, at least your lawyer is being clear and straight forward on what the next steps might be. Mine doesn't tell me anything like that. I'm the one who has contacted the congressman and done ALL the inquires. My lawyer says that all i have to do is wait; the inquiries that I've made all they say is that they will work on my case on an expeditious fashion, the congressman, all they did was another inqury like the ones I've done; yet i'm on the 11th month...Did your lawyer tell you what a "liaison inquiry" is? I haven't tried that one yet...lol.
  4. Yes, i do...but all he tells me that i have to wait, that supposedly there's not much to do. USCIS won't allow to even get an info pass.
  5. i did that as well...twice. It didn't help
  6. I know...all the ppl i know got theirs a long time ago...at least they are waiting for your security check, I think mine hasn't even been picked up from wherever it is.
  7. So i did another inquiry with the USCIS, and today i received an email just saying that they have a "huge workload" and that they will try to get to my case in "an expeditious fashion", under what the resources allow them. Every time they tell me the same thing. Never a concrete answer. Has any one else been waiting this long as well? What else can i do? I'm giving up on this dream.
  8. How Much Longer???,

    LOL yeah, seeveral times...but they really don't tell you much...so...
  9. How Much Longer???,

    I've been waiting 10 months now, and it is still under initial review too...have you called the uscis? if so, what have they told you?
  10. Yes That's what I'm wondering too...I'm 99% sure I have not done any crime or anything of that sort LOL. I've called many times the USCIS service and all the say is that it may be possible that they are still waiting on my background check. But i dont think thats the case, its been 10 months for me...The customer Service from USCIS really doesn't help. Everey time i call they tell me the same thing
  11. I've been waiting for almost 10 months now and still waiting...I've done like for service requests and every time all they say is that they are trying to "process caseS as soon as possible" and still waiting. I've contacted my congressman to see if he could help, but no luck there either; and still waiting. I've seen all my friends and other ppl apply along side me, after me, and way after me; they ALL have gotten approved, and I...I'm still waiting with no movement on my case at all. Does anyone have an idea on what i could do, who to contact, how to see what's happening with my case. If it is just sitting in a corner, no one has even touched it yet? Any ideas, besides WAITING, please?
  12. Contacting My Congresswoman

    Yes, that's a good idea. Thanks.
  13. Contacting My Congresswoman

    @JoseG, I tried my congressman when I was still within the "normal" processing time, and you are right they basically did an Inqury, something i could have done. But now I'm about to hit the 10th month of waiting, do you think if i try it again with my Congressman, he would help now? Sorry, I'm just desperate about this.
  14. Deferred Action Case Still In Review!

    @Nisha i know, every time i call USCIS the only thing they say is that every case is different. But I really think thus far they haven't even looked at my case. It's kind of hard to keep the dream alive when everyone you know already have been approved. To one of my friends it only took one month for everything.
  15. i've waiting for almost 10 months, since August 29th...so...