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  1. Sent In Dream Act, Need Help.

    Everyone who has sent out the packet put down they want to he notified by email/text but the truth is you wont recieve any type of text until he has been approved. Give it about 2 months after his biometrics appointment before you might actually hear anything.
  2. Approved For Credit Card!!

    Not sure did u use both last name for the last name portion? I think thats why they hadnt been able to verify me, soon as I put both in there I got approved, I got a paypal card too!
  3. Sent In Dream Act, Need Help.

    You wont recieve any text messages, next thing you'll get is a letter for his biometrics appointment, then after that its the waiting game! Once they approve him then you'll get some text messages. Dont expect to hear from them for about 4-6 months... Good Luck!
  4. Approved For Credit Card!!

    Thanks! Yea my bank wouldnt approve me so I applied with capital one, most people dont know they have to use both last names since we've never had to use out maternal last Congrats!
  5. Ive seen that most people arent having luck being approved for credit cards, well I applied to for their Classic Platinum card thinking I wouldnt get approved but they appoved me within a mater of 1-2 min... $300 limit to start with, and no it isnt one of those cards you have to put your own money into! I called Social Security before I applied because everywhere I applied they could not verify my identity, Social security told me I had to fill out the application the same way as your name appears on ur SS card, (for ex. If your last name is Rodriquez Garcia you put both in the last name box). Good luck hope yall can get approved too!!
  6. Anyone Applied In March This Year???

    I applied March 31st Recieved @ Nebraska SC April 1st Biometrics May 13th Approved July 11th Good luck, u should get approved soon!
  7. Long Time In The Making, It Finally Happened!!!

    What i tell you, I dont want to say I told you sooo.... LOL Congratulations
  8. Finally

    Give it about 2 months from your bio day, that's the time frame ive been seeing lately
  9. Oh ok I just got my card today im gonna go tomorrow hope it aint to soon. ..
  10. How long did it take for you to get your social, and habre you tried to get your license?
  11. I recieved my EAD card today, I was wondering should I wait a few days before I go apply for a social or can I go tomorrow? ? Also on the drivers license do they use both of your last names on the card or just your faternal last name?
  12. Janet Napolitano To Resign Friday

    I wonder if the new secretary will make any changes or affect the daca program! (Ex. Get rid of it)
  13. I-765 Approved But No Ead Card

    Ok well you wont get your EAD card until you recieve the email that they have approved you amd your card was sent to production, being approved for deferred action doesn't always mean you'll get approved for the EAD. Wish you the best of luck!
  14. I dont think they send an approval letter for the work permit, it itself is the proof you were approved!
  15. I-765 Approved But No Ead Card

    Ok so you just recieved the email that says your card has been sent to production? If so give it about a week and you'll have it, they send out separate emails for deferred action and the employment authorization card....