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  1. Its Taking So Long

    Well guess what? I'm in the same boat. I'm still under initial review. Seems to me like the people who have been accepted DO NOT live in the Los Angeles area. Most of the Los Angeles area applicants are still under Initial Review. I live in Los Angeles county. The thing is, we live in the epicenter of immigration as far as the US is concerned. Everything here dealing with immigration stuff takes a LOOOOOOONG time. I sent my application in October, did my BIOS in November, haven't head anything since. I go online to the uscis website to check on my status, same ol' thing: initial review. Heres what I want to know: ANYBODY WHO SENT THEIR APPLICATION IN OCTOBER AND LIVES IN LOS ANGELES BEEN ACCEPTED YET? RECEIVED SSN AND ALL THAT? Probably not... Anyway good luck to all of you, I hope everything works out for everyone.
  2. Welcome to the forums juanveliz626 :)