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  1. Does any one know if those of us who already got out permits and socials have to have insurance for next year ? I was told that dreamers that got their permits through lawyers have too ? Does anyone else have more info on this ?
  2. my question is has any one been succesful in obtaining a credit card after getting your social? I have tried at my bank and they rejected me because I am not a resident. Has anyone been able to get a credit card?
  3. College Problem

    Daca it's a discretion from the government to remove an individual from the country , EAD is the name for the work permit
  4. College Problem

    U have to be a resident or citizen to get financial aid that is why she is getting asked for her green card
  5. College Problem

    Being DACA approved doesnt make u eligible to apply for financial aid that's weird
  6. Dreamers Must See !!!!!

    Cesarito90 what's going on ? Why is everything against you ???
  7. Dreamers Must See !!!!!

    I want to thank us all for supporting eachother through these long months. Its great to see all these approvals this month. Every time well felt depressed or anxiety came over we were always there to comment and cheer eachother up.CONGRATULATIONS to those who have been approved , and for those waiting it takes a while but its worth the wait so be strong! Now lets show the world what were capable of & keep DREAMING on
  8. Deporting Dreamers?????

    Yes it does !!!! But like Jose said republicans just voted I believe it still has to go through the senate and the president their saying most likely it will be Turned down
  9. I have a question on the application it says citizenship : US CITIZEN, LEGAL ALIEN ALLOWED TO WORK, LEGAL ALIEN NOT ALLOWED TO WORK, AND OTHER. We would choose other right because we have our document which is EAD
  10. Sidfred02 u might have to go to an interview I got the same and then I was scheduled for an interview the same day of my interview I was approved after the interview but best of luck to u !!
  11. Driver's License

    the drivers license expires on the date it has, not when the EAD expires so if you got it until 2018 for example that is when it would be expired and it would be renewed
  12. Deporting Dreamers?????

    I'm scared I'm hoping it's not true either
  13. Deporting Dreamers?????

    Have any of u guys heard that the senate is voting to deport all dreamers ?? Should we be worried ????!!!!!!!!
  14. I Think Im Approved......

    CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF US THAT HAVE BEEN APPROVED !!!!!! I'm supr happy for u !!!!!!