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  1. Someone Please

    I send them a copy that I was register in ged classes ( witch a got a copy from the ged office) and I got approve within 3 months
  2. How Has Life Changed?

    Life has change for me. I have a license going to school and work in red lobster as a server making great great money. I love it.
  3. Ca Id And Ssn

    Plebe 619 and Miguel2013 how old are you!? Because if your under 21 then you will get a id that is for 21 and under depending in how long you turn 21. But if your 21 and over then idk lol
  4. Fresita u went right away with out a problem
  5. 8 Months Waiting

    The game1990 I like how you think positive Don't worry your almost there.
  6. Official Nebraska Approval or Pending Cases

    Sorry I means most of the people like myself got approve witting 1 week. I hope you get as lucky
  7. Official Nebraska Approval or Pending Cases

    Most of the people get approve working 1 week. I hope that is your luck.
  8. 8 Months Waiting

    You should be grateful that we got a opportunity to get a social driver license and so on. Just wait, I mean you already waited half of your life with out a social why not wait a couple more months. Good luck I hope you get approve.
  9. Got A Job!!

    Over all with training, interview and orientation it took 1 week and a half.
  10. Got A Job!!

    I had 2 interview and the second one she said I was hired then I turn in my social and had to talk to someone over the phone then 1 day later i was already doing orientation. Then I was doing training for 1 week. I never heard anything about background check. Today was my first day on the floor as a server. I really love it. They are a great company to work for. I am so happy I got hire.
  11. Obtaining Ssn

    Birth certificate and EAD is all you need.
  12. Driver's License

    Heisenberg2 when does your driver license expire?
  13. Driver's License

    I live in Chicago ill and mine expires in 2018 driver license and Id
  14. I Think Im Approved......

    The most important is i765 congrats