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  1. I-765 Renewal Question

    awesome, i have all of those things.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm currently in the 150-120 period thats best for renewing DACA. I filled out my I-821D already but I have a problem with my I-765. I lost my EAD, which is needed for the I-765 renewal form, and don't have enough time (or money) to replace it. Is it possible for me to attach the mailer that came with my EAD and a copy of my I-797 as well as my driver's license (and/or two passport photos) instead? Has anyone else applied for renewal without a copy of their EAD? Thanks!
  3. Ssn Printout Question

    alright thanks!
  4. Ssn Printout Question

    When i go to the SS office, how do i request a print out of my number?
  5. I Think Im Approved......

    omg Fresita, congrats, congrats, congrats, congrats. I'm so glad to finally see youve gotten approved. I was starting to wonder what the hell was taking so long. You must feel so great knowing the wait is over!
  6. Hi, I Have A Question!!

    congrats congrats congrats!
  7. Help Please!!!

    Do you have an ongoing subscription to anything? Xbox live history maybe? If you can find a purchase history that works too.
  8. it might be one of the faster service centers. ive also been seeing people mention that Texas Service Center is also really fast.
  9. Approval!

    thanks everyone, and Fresita its in my signature. Basically ive been waiting since January.
  10. Approval!

    Finally got approved. Its like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, its unreal. Hang in there everyone, and if youve been waiting more than 6 months, do everything you can to get answers!!! Its a burden but this is just the first step.
  11. Need Ur Imput

    yeah i got transferred at the end of march. at first it seemed like transfers were getting approved fast, but im still waiting so idk. All it means is that wherever your case was before, had too much workload so they sent it somewhere with a lighter workload.
  12. 9 Months Waiting To Get An Rfe!!!!!

    that is just awful, honestly. best of luck though, i hope your approval notce isnt far behiind the RFE.
  13. Did Anyone Else

    did you notice any more than usual before you got your approval?
  14. Did Anyone Else

    Did anyone else start getting credit card applications shortly before being approved?