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  1. Hey guys! my daca has been approved for 8 days now... still no movemeent with my i765 :[ help anyone? idk what to do
  2. Uscis Called Regarding My Case

    have you gotten a DACA approval letter yet? hopefully all is well with her case! and so far, i haven't gotten anything :[ EAD is still in initial review.. i was reading online... it can take up to 90 days. i really hope it doesnt. 9 months is already long enough
  3. How Do I Do A Service Request?

    yeah i'm having the same trouble as you. my DACA was approved april 26, 2013. my EAD is still on initial review. i tried doing an e-request, i don't know what to choose between those two options as well
  4. August??

    hey! were you able to talk to a higher level officer?
  5. August??

    that's weird! you should just call them and let them know whats going on
  6. Thanks! i'm just panicking because everyone is getting theirs approved just hours after their DACA's approval :[
  7. August??

    what's your timeline? you can't do a service request unless your case have exceeded the 6 month processing time
  8. I Got My Card Today!

    congrats! so happy for you :') when was your DACA approved?
  9. Uscis Called Regarding My Case

    yeah i'm pretty sure there's something wrong. when was your sister's daca approved? and has she received anything regarding her EAD?
  10. Thanks God I'm Finally Approved !!

    congrats! has your EAD been approved also?
  11. just a quick question guys, my DACA has been approved for 3 days now. how long will it take for my EAD to be approved?
  12. August??

    you guys should really do a follow up, just found out something went wrong in my paper works (yep, USCIS's fault) and according to the ISO, it's common with august applicants. now my DACA is approved but my EAD is still on initial review
  13. Uscis Called Regarding My Case

    so now i'm REALLY confused lol. i got a phsyical approval letter from USCIS
  14. i agree, he can't threaten you. i suggest you record him because that is against the law; that can be considered as verbal abuse.