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  1. I Got Approved

    hahaha thank you
  2. Finally!!!!

    yes! Thank you!!
  3. Getting A Social

    So today I received my work permit can I apply to get a social tomorrow? Or do I have to wait a little bit more?
  4. I Got Approved

    it got delivered today to the old address I finally have it with me!!!
  5. Finally!!!!

    After a big drama I finally receive my card!!! I'm really happy one of my dreams finally came true its like the doors of haven are open lol now I need to get my social and my DL
  6. I Got Approved

    if you don't know the real situation don't comment ok.
  7. I Got Approved

    nope they werent able to tell me. And yea I just check and it still "in transit" this is so stressful
  8. I Got Approved

    I already change my adress I call uscis days ago to change it. I contact the people who live in my old address but they say they haven't receive anything but Im not sure is that true or not.
  9. I Got Approved

    I think uscis is sending me a new card to the new adress because the status of my case change again it say today they send my new card to the address they have on file but not sure
  10. I Got Approved

    it says it still in process of delivery and I haven't change my address in USPS
  11. I Got Approved

    actually I just check and there is a tracking number I just call uscis and tell told they can't tell me to what address it was delivered the only way I can know is by going to one of their offices
  12. I Got Approved

    I got approved on march 22 but the problem is that I move 3 weeks ago I told my lawyer but she didn't reprt that to uscis. I thought she did until I call uscis so I told them my new adress but they say it was delivered already so now idk what to do or what's going to happen :/
  13. Need Help!!!!

    really? Even if it doesn't say to wait 30 days anymore??
  14. Need Help!!!!

    So today I check the status of my case an for the I767 it say to wait 30 days to get my card and for the I821D it only say initial review after 2 hours I check again and this time for the I765 it say "post decision activity" and the same thing for the l821D now I'm really confuse is this good or bad?
  15. Welcome to the forums amenamerica :)