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  1. ok thank you! lawyers are expensive and money is very tight for us, do you know any references I could look online on how to find help for a low cost?
  2. My boyfriend came here from Mexico at age 15. He lived here with his father, and worked under the table untill 17 years old which is when he enrolled in school and got a non under the table job. We are applying for the I-821D now but I dont know how to prove he has been here sine 15. He says people picked him up for work everyday so he has no name or phone number for who he worked for. He is now 23 years old, has been here since 15 so a totale of 8 years and has never left the country and been back. Someone please help me on what to do
  3. ok thank you. the cop said he could go through a program which would erase this off his records. I just dont know how long this program takes to complete, so was unsure if i could submit now or wait until its off his record
  4. so does that meen he will be denied?
  5. MY bf came here before 16, but we dont have any proof because he was working under the table untill 17 does anyone know what I should do? Should I just attach a written letter explaining he was working under the table?
  6. This weekend my boyfriend got pulled over and was charged with a DUI. his BAC was very very low and the cop says he will get a fine and need to go to court and traffic school. We are now applying for his papers and the I-821D form. Will him having a DUI affect his chances of getting approved? we also live in PA if this helps
  7. Welcome to the forums gferraro94 :)