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  1. Got A Job!!

    Congrats! I just had an intetview and was told by the manager that the position was mine, now im just waiting on the background check results, it's been already a week and they still can't see the results... How long did your background check take?
  2. Credit Cards?

    So, regarding thecopy of my residence, do I take the DACA approval notice?
  3. Credit Cards?

    Has anyone applied for a credit card? If so, which one and from what bank? I applied for the student secured credit card from Wellsfargo. They asked for a copy of my ssn card and I gave it to them, they said they needed to fax it along with the application since my ssn was new and so that the process wouldn't take too long, but then after a week they called me asking me to take a copy of my residence because my ssn card said it was only valid for work. Has anybody been through this? I've heard of other DACA recipients who got approved for that same credit card, but one person mentioned he wasnt asked for his ssn card, and that I shouldnt have showed it to them, Is it true? Did I make a mistake by giving them the copy? Wouldnt it show up in their system that it is only valid for work anyway? p.s. I will go on Monday to see what's going on, but I'll like some feedback on this topic anyway. Thanks
  4. It's Taking Forever!

    There was finally something when I checked my case status, and it was an approval notice! Omg! I couldnt hold my tears of joy!
  5. Official Nebraska Approval or Pending Cases

    I did my biometrics on Feb 21 and Just got approved on Aprill 11
  6. Im Approved!!!!

    Thanks all of you! & yes, it was prettty fast, although it felt like an eternity for me!
  7. Im Approved!!!!

    I just checked My Case status, praying that finally something would show up, since It always said my case couldnt be foun, well to my surprise it finally said something! My case was approved!!!! Omg! I cant explain this happiness im feeling!!!!! Thank you GOD<3!
  8. Checking Status Online

    I cant see my status either and it's been more than a month :/
  9. I applied on January 14. Did biometrics on Feb. 21, and have beeb waiting for an update since then. Been*
  10. It's Taking Forever!

    Thanks, but I already did it when I got my notice of action. I tried to add a case to my portfolio but it says the same thing as when I try to look for my case status, that my case cannot be found. Someone told me that this happened to them, and they called uscis and let them know that their case wasnt showing up on the website, and they fixed it, but now it's taking longer for their approval. Can those two be related? your approval and calling them about the website.
  11. It's Taking Forever!

    I can't help feeling like this! It's been barely a month since I got the biometrics done, but I feel like it's been already too long! I can't stop feeling disappointed everytime I check my email and that none of the msgs are from USCIS :/ and the fact that my case never shows up on the website it's getting on my nerves! Makes everything worse! Anyone else feeling like this? Please tell me Im not the only one! (because Im almost completely sure I am not alone)
  12. what's your new year resolution?

    When I get that approval EMAIL* lol autocorrect!
  13. what's your new year resolution?

    Mine is keeping my faith stronger than ever, that I'll get that approval [email protected] anytime! And once i get the permit and SSN I'll applied to as many places and as many times as needed. I'll get a job as soon as I can. I will save money to help pay for my tuition, and also to help my husband save for a house's downpayment! We are optimistic, and know that this permit is gonna change our lives completely! We will be able to achieve all those goals we had put on pause due to our status.
  14. Hi! I'm New Here!

    Oh yes! I hope so too!
  15. U.S Citizens and Dreamers

    Oh yes! It's frustrating to see US Citizens who don't appreciate what the have. I have 2 cousins of my same age, they're U.S. Citizens; well they're not going to college "because it's not for them, they don't like school" OMG! and then Im here, paying tuition out of my parents' pocket, just to get a degree! AUGH! Also my sister in law, she's 18, going to college and "has been looking for a job since A YEAR AGO" and she just "can't find one" Please! How can you prefer having no-money to at least buy food at school, than getting a job? How hard is it? I see friends finding a job within a week or two! But, you know why she can't find any? Because she looks for one asking God not to find it! lol Oh, but about 3 days ago she got a grant of $ 2,500- 3,000! just because she has that 9-digit number