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    To one day join the U.S Navy
  1. Join The Military

    Does anyone know if we are going to be able to join the military with the new reform in effect or are going going to have to wait five years , until we get out legit greencards ?
  2. God knows how much i need this

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      and I hope u get it

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      Yes he does % I hope we get it :)

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      Thanks guys , got to think.positive

  3. i hope and pray who ever get my application in theirs hands , is touched by the hands of God and approves my application .

  4. i'm on the pursuit of happiness

  5. Deferred Action Question

    Yes , I able to have the chance to come back again illegall , I had no other choice. I tried coming back the legan way and was denied entry
  6. Deferred Action Question

    I submitted my application this week, I had spoken to a lawyer about the whole deal, he told me it would show up , and that as long as I had a written statement over my reasons , I would be fine. I was gone two months. The lady at the embassy didn't even Gove me a chance to plea my case. Plus I've been in the u.s since I was 5. I'm 23 now. I really hope I get it
  7. Deferred Action Question

    I have a question , has anyone here traveled to Mexico before the deferred action was issued for a short period and attempted to get a visa and got denied and barred for ten years , is now living here in the u.s and applied for the deferred action and got approved?
  8. working out at the gym #detemined

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      thats the spirit

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      Remember to kiss the biceps for muscle growth. It works!

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  9. the U.S. declares war on North Korea. all DREAMERS are drafted and expected to serve the nation.

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      IM READY. oh wait i havent gotten approved yet...

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      I'm ready too bro ..

  10. today is a good day

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      Yes sir ! Good change is coming our way !

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      oh yeah I really hope so

  11. My Name Is Marco Antonio

    Genziha, thank for taking the time to tell me about your story, I feel your pain , as I red over your comment, life for us dreamers is hard here. I've been blessed to have both my parents here by my side with this struggle. They too feel my pain,working jobs that don't value or are or potential. I've done it all , from waiting tables to cutting grass, you name it, yea its a living and you make little money, bit deep inside you know you were meant to do more with our life's then this. I remember the year after my graduation I saw all my friends get accepted into four year colleges with full tuition paid. And I would get asked where would I be going that following fall, I couldn't help it look down and lie. That summer fed up with my situation here I packed my bags and left to Mexico. I enrolled in school out there , but quickly realized that I hd made I huge mistake . You see Mexico is not a safe place to be , sure it was great swing my relative I hadn't seen in years since I was a boy. But the horrible things you would hear on the news, about killings and kidnappings . I missed my family and the safety I had here. I realized that Mexico was not for me. The place that saw my birth was a strange and unfamiliar land. Fearing for my life I tried to come back home , I was certain that by applying for a visa , I would be granted way back "home" . But instead the lady at the embassy bared me and gave me ten years ban from entering the US. I was devastated . I felt like I had no place to call home . I felt unwanted , and lower the dirt. I though I was going to get killed in Mexico if they found out I had family in the US. Since they have a tendency to kidnap and kill the victim if the family doesn't pay the ransom, like a classmate at the class I attended. Sad to say. He was killed and cut into pieces , his family in Las Angeles, didn't cone up with. 25 thousand dollar ransom. Fearing that I was lucky enough to come home safely, ut even that was another mile stone in my life. So I've been though a lot. I've been teased, bullied for being illegal. But I've managed to keep my he'd up. Everthing happens for a reason. God works in mysteries ways. We just have to keep pur faith strong, and hope these laws pass, for the best. I love this country and I would die serving to protect it, even after all the hurt its brought up in my life .
  12. My Name Is Marco Antonio

    Thank you and that good to know Marco , nice to meet you
  13. My Name Is Marco Antonio

    I just applied for the deferred action two weeks ago. I fit all the qualifications, I've lived here (Chicago) all my life, I was born in Mexico, and brought here by my parents at the age of five. I've finished my schooling here, and tried college for a semester, figured out that what I really want to do is join the military, the navy to exact. I was very disappointed when I found out we wouldn't be able to join once being approved for the defferred action. I'm hoping that a new law would change that soon. My life has literally been on hold since I graduated high school back in 2010. My dreams of becoming a navy sailor will hopefully come true soon. I can't help it get disparate when I hear about the plans the "group of eight " have in store for us. Another ten year wait , come on now. It wasn't my choice to here illegally. And now I live with that problem every single day. Feel free to message me anytime you like. If you too have a disere to join the military let me know , I'd like to hear from you. Any new regarding the actual dream act. Or any other proposals to allow deferred action recipients to join , would greatly be appreciated , I wish you all the best and God bless you
  14. Welcome to the forums marco16pumas :)