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  1. So I received a letter in the mail today saying that i've been registered for selective service, which in case of a draft I would have to join the military. Has anyone else received this notification? I don't recall having registered for this...
  2. Social Print Out In Illinois?

    So Illinois does not issue printouts whatsoever? Hm I was hoping to at least get my state ID tomorrow.
  3. Approved... Yes!

  4. Social Print Out In Illinois?

    Were you able to get a print out?
  5. Ead Card, No Place Of Birth

    What country are you from? Did you send a translated copy of your birth certificate?
  6. I am not sure if that is the case as there have been some dreamers taking credit cards out.
  7. Senate Immigration Bill Revealed

    Undercover Boss/ Undercover Senator @ Rawf
  8. @ Jose G. Would I have to get my birth certificate translated? Or would the original be just fine?
  9. I don't have a passport, will I be able to use a Matricula? Or should I just use my birth certificate?
  10. Approved! Finally!

    Weird, got another text not too long ago now my status switched to post decision activity saying that they've sent my letter of approval today even thought i got approved on the 2nd. Has this happened to anyone else? Maybe their system is glitchy.
  11. September Cases

  12. Approved! Finally!

    @ Heisenberg, I received a text stating that my case had another update, so i checked on the uscis site and they had the tracking information on there.
  13. Approved! Finally!

    Just received my tracking information! EAD card should be here by Wednesday.
  14. Minsconception...

    When I find topics about immigration anywhere on the internet I try to avoid them because I know there's a lot of uneducated people who believe anything they hear/read without doing proper research. It's a wasted effort trying to change the minds of those ignorant individuals, so I just move along and let them be. What they fail to see is that actual citizens are the ones who take the most advantage of government programs.