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  1. I went to my dmv and they were so super rude and didn't not help at all. but that's okay I dnt care. So I looked up the Mexican Consulate and I found an email address which I emailed and they actually replied. Their gonna try and help me get my Matricula before my biometrics appointment. im so very hopeful bcs that's my last option. If I don't get a matricula then I really wont have an id for the b.apt...
  2. im nervous because im starting from scratch here. I have no way of proving my identification. the nearest appointment to get a matricula consular is april 4 and my biometrics apt is march 27 so I wnt even be able to get that. im soo scared that because of my lack of identification ill have problems at the biometrics.
  3. nope no high school Id either... ihave nothing with my picture. I have various documents with my name and my dob and ssnumber but no picture and iknow that is required. im seriously freaking out.
  4. hi idk how I got to this question but I need advise! I have my biometrics appointment and I have NO ID! I am going crazy with nerves. its literally impossible to get an state id or drivers license without a green card and you need a state id to GET a green card. im going in circles here.. what I do have is my high school transcript a ged a w2 and these documents have my name my social and my dob but no picture! what should I do??!! can someone please help me???!!
  5. hi I was just wondering if anyone out there has any advice or maybe went through a similar situation as me.. im 21 and ive lived in the us all my life. I have a green card and it expired in 06.12... since I used my greencard as my main source of id I never bothered getting a state id nor a license... anyway my greencard was lost along with my sscard:( I cannot get an id now bcs I have no proof of identity or my sscard... so I filed the I-90 form online.. and now im just waiting for my biometrics appt. all I have is a raggedy copy of my green card and im very nervous of what will go wrong since im literally starting from scratch. im scared I wont be able to renew my green card even though everything is paid for and ive lived here my whole life. can someone please help calm my nerves or prep me for what might happen?!
  6. Welcome to the forums adrylyn :)