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  1. Update! Form I765

  2. Ready To Start Pullin My Hairs Off

    Bios Jan. 25th & I got approved already, California center
  3. Social Security Number

    Yea they gave me the same number, thanks:)
  4. Anyone Applied In Late 2012? Or 2013?

    I applied on Dec. 25. Got approved for DACA & work permit on Feb. 21. Took 2 months so happy:).
  5. Prior to applying for DACA I've had a ss card that states Not Valid for Employment(nvr used it), when I go apply for my ss card tomorrow..will I have to take that ss card? & will they give me the same #?
  6. Never Had A Job Before

    Okay thanks guys
  7. Never Had A Job Before

    Yes, but the most recent was last summer ..
  8. Never Had A Job Before

    I've never worked before. So on applications what do I put down for work experience? And for reference can I list down a family member? I don't talk to my professors second semester..or a counselor(Only spoke to 2 diff. ones) & I dont keep in touch w. my h.s teachers no more.
  9. Welcome to the forums gabby :)