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  1. so i got an email saying that my case had been updated..... and it said card document production.... so happy but my question is what about the I821D?? what does it mean? Im also happy cut it only took them 11 days for them to make a decision ? does any one how long it takes to get a decision on the I821D?
  2. Does anyone know around how long its takeing for them to answer the rfe????
  3. Thank You God Finally!!!

    Congrats !!!!
  4. Got An Rfe

    So I got the rfe.... and all they want to know is if I had any kind of problems with the police??? And the answer is No.... my question is why would they send me a letter asking that? I though that by taking the biometrics they would know the answer why would they send a letter asking??????? I don't know what to think?? Would this be bad or mean ANYTHING ???
  5. Got An Rfe

    congrats... hopefully i get approved as soon ass 60 days like you say
  6. Got An Rfe

    this is to true but then again theres nothing really we can do i just really dont understand what actually hapend it kinda sounds like the lawyer checked it for no reason..
  7. Got An Rfe

    so this is what the letter says ... on your I-821D you checked YES to the following question in part 3 criminal, national security and public safety information: Have you been arrested for charge with or convicted of a felony or misdemeanor in the us? and then on the bottom says ... you did not provide a full explanation on part 7 of your form I-821d describing the circumstances as requested in thr instructions on part 3 of thr form I-821D therefore please provide a full explanation describing the circumstances. And honestly i dont know what this means i had a lawyer do everything for me .....
  8. I hope u get an answer soon its taking to long I know how u feel I'm on the same boat wish u the best of luck...
  9. Got An Rfe

    True..... yeah that's what I was saying .... thank u
  10. So after 9 months waiting I got a text saying my case got an update .. saying they send me a letter requesting more evidence .. my question is when you get an rfe do they update both applications or just one????
  11. Question About Rfe???,

    thanks .... now I just need to waite for the letter and see what they need..
  12. How Much Longer???,

    Hello every one today its 8 Months since I send my application and yeah it's still under initial review I don't know what to think any more I hope I get an answer soon... I know there's a lot of people out there with the same problem but yes it makes me feel better to just by telling it out.
  13. Impatiently Waiting

    I been waiting for 8 month's totally know how ur feeling. ..
  14. How Much Longer???,

    no I havet Im just waiting but I'm thinking of calling.. have u called?
  15. How Much Longer???,

    ******letting it all out
  16. Im really happy for every one that's getting approved but then at the same time I feel like very sad that I don't know what's going on with my case :( !!!!

  17. still waiting ........ not cool

  18. October 2012 Cases

    Same here still waiting..... y nada
  19. Thanks God I'm Finally Approved !!

  20. Approvada Al Fin!

  21. Approved!!!

  22. Hello Just a question for everyone that's still waiting on Nebraska, just wanned to get an idea of how many people is there that send there application on October??? And still waiting! !!