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    R2r01992 reacted to JoseG in Should I Worry?   
    Here are two people who also made that mistake and they were approved.
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    R2r01992 got a reaction from Veevee20 in If Your Case Is Taking Too Long This Might Help!!   
    U think u can give us a little more details on what ur letter said and what u told them. Also how u filled out the form,? This may help a lot of us out.
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    R2r01992 reacted to Osha in Dreams?   
    Your dreams are letting you into a little secret.
    The day will come..
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    R2r01992 got a reaction from Jason in Finally At Initial Review   
    How long have u been waiting?
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    R2r01992 reacted to b923 in Accepted Accepted Accepted   
    hey guys just wanted to inform you that my application was just accepted on feb 21. both the deffered action, and the work permit were accepted on the same day! i sent my app to the vermont office. SOOO everyone else waiting ......................... Get ready!