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  1. Texas License

    Those who live in Texas and obtained their drivers license already, can u tell me what documents i need to bring with me the day I go take my driving test! I'm waking up super early! Please and thanks
  2. I finally got approved today! But for now only my i765 has been approved and gone to card production. Why isn't my i821D changed?
  3. At Last Approved!!

    Congrats ! Timeline?
  4. October Applicants

    Oct 11 Bios nov 18 Still waiting, Nebraska center
  5. Help Filling Out Congressman Application

    U have the link?
  6. Finally A Service Request

    U think we can call and ask to speak with her?
  7. Visiting Dallas/fort Worth Tx

    I live in mesquite dallas tx, a good place is house of blues and a bar in downtown , I forgot the name but very popular, might want to pass by the place where Kennedy was shot.
  8. Hey guys I just wanted to ask on which day did u get the email and text message saying that ur status online has changed, and which did u recieve first, also around what time did u recieve the happy news ! I'm just curious! Thanks!
  9. If Your Case Is Taking Too Long This Might Help!!

    I see two applications, the regular privacy act and the immigration one, which did u fill out?
  10. If Your Case Is Taking Too Long This Might Help!!

    U think u can give us a little more details on what ur letter said and what u told them. Also how u filled out the form,? This may help a lot of us out.
  11. For The Ppl Approved Already

    No I did bios November
  12. For The Ppl Approved Already

    Wel congrats I been waiting since October 11
  13. For The Ppl Approved Already

    What's your timeline?
  14. It Has Taken Almost Eight Months.

    Well said! I been waiting since October 11, and well I was assuming they counted a month as 31 working days and not the number of days each month have
  15. It Has Taken Almost Eight Months.

    So 162 divided by 31 would be 5 months and a half almost of waiting
  16. 7 Or 8 Month Club..from Vermont?

    Have y'all tried calling?
  17. Nope I have plenty friends who went the next day and got it done. Don't wait, and go early! Good luck. I'm still waiting :/
  18. Nebraska!!!!!

    My app was recieved on oct 11, my 6 month was yesterday.
  19. Congrats what's ur timeline?!?
  20. When I applied I put my first and last name on the application, but matricula and passport have my first last and 2nd last name, when I went to get bios done they confirm your identity with ur matricula, they just added my second last name so I guess they'll add it themselves for you.
  21. Dreams?

    Has anyone that hasn't been approved had dreams at night of the day finally coming just t
  22. Dreams?

    Yeah the both times I've dreamt Anout it, it was me finally getting my ead card and everything. I was very happy until I woke up -___-
  23. Dreams?

    To it being a dream :/ and not reality it's happened twice to me already
  24. How Long Have You Been Waiting

    And it'll be 6 months this month