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  1. I've had my driver's license for an entire week now. DACA has been the best thing to ever happen. For those who are still waiting, have hope.! The wait is definitely worth it (:

    1. Woody92


      how long did you wait for? My biometrics was in January. And since that, its been on "initial review"....damn

    2. GoFayt


      @Woody92 to be honest I think it's some miracle, but after my biometrics I got approved after two weeks. And I only waited like less than 1 month in total.

  2. Just passed my driver's permit test with 100%.! TT__TT so happy lol

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    2. franklin.m


      congrats man now we just need our green card to travel the world... :)

    3. Calidreamer


      @franklin soon lolz

    4. GoFayt


      Thanks for the sincere congratulations everyone.! Hope you all are making progress as well :D and the other 2 haha...nooo. and @franklin.m haha soon enough, soooooon enough (:

  3. Quick question.! Do i have to wait 6 months to take my behind the wheel test after I get my permit.? FYI, I'm 20 and my state is Illinois. But i go back to Cali in 3 months.

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    2. Raul


      You can take it when you're ready.

    3. GoFayt


      Ahhh thank God. You guys are life savers.! that's a load off my back. Thanks a lot.!!! :D

    4. engineer2mike
  4. Just got my SSN card in the mail today.!!! xD now off to the DMV on Tuesday for my permit test

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    2. Calidreamer


      Yeah, the wait is super long!

    3. erika020


      @Rwaf you should go 10 mins before they close, it goes faster. I guess they're desperate to go home so they move faster . I did that twice and I only had to wait 15 -20 mins ^_^

    4. GoFayt


      Yeah haha actually i called in if they did appointments for the permit test and they said just do a walk-in. I guess it's a small town haha. the other cities around where i live seemed really busy so i chose a place a bit farther (:

      But anyways, thanks again you guys.!! :D

      @ericka020 like i said you're next haha

  5. Just waiting for my SSN now. Till then, I'll just study the rules of the road till I can take written permit test :D

  6. Does anyone know if we can get our driver's license out here in Illinois after we've been approved.?!

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    2. GoFayt


      Thank you, sir.!

    3. arcane


      You need to apply for a SSN first, before obtaining a DL.

    4. GoFayt


      @arcane Of course, i already applied. just wanted to make sure before i go to the DMV

  7. What a blessed morning this is.!!! I just got my EAD in the mail today.!!! So happy, I'm going out of my mind right now.!!! Thanks for everyone's support, you guys will get yours soon enough.!!!

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    2. Rawf
    3. GoFayt


      Thanks guys.!! and congrats @reyd haha I think I'm applying this Friday when I off from college

    4. reyd
  8. Hey everyone, I just wanted to say for all those that are waiting, just hang in there.! The wait is worth it.! I'm barely getting mine next week. So congrats to those who have also been approved.!
  9. Guess I'm going straight to getting my SS card when i receive my EAD.! then drivers license after, as well as register for selective service. I pray that everyone waiting will get theirs soon.!!

  10. Just curious but is it possible to get approved by USCIS as early as 11 days after my biometrics.? I just want to make sure before i get all depressed after finding out I was wrong haha. But it says on my case status online that my I-821 is on "Post Decision Activity" and was approved last wednesday and my I-765 is on "Card Production" and was mailed via USPS yesterday. i'm really REALLY happy with the results but I wasn't expecting approval for another few weeks. Just for the record, I never got any letter or e-notification.
  11. Just saw my approval status on the USCIS website.! Feeling AMAZING and relived hahaha

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    2. Calidreamer


      Congrats c'mon USCIS we need more good news!

    3. msminci
    4. GoFayt


      Thanks again everyone.! Just got my EAD card in the mail yesterday and my formal approval letter today.! Y'all who haven't gotten it yet, it's coming.!! Just be patient (;

  12. Welcome to the forums GoFayt :)