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  1. New Guy From Los Angeles

    too many coronas or not enough!?
  2. Feeling Guilty :(

    congrats on your interview!
  3. ive watched seasons 1 -9 of the office 4 times all because i still havent gotten approved yet.

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    2. reyd


      Both shows are good. :)

    3. Calidreamer


      Hahaha give Dexter a chance!

    4. feaster


      il give any show that will help the days pass by a chance! i just always notice something new every time i watch the office again and again

  4. Your First Car after Deferred Action

    i already have the car i want its nothing fancy but i really like it. i have a classic 1978 pontiac firebird but its not under my name ofcourse.
  5. So I Got A R.f.e. Today -___-

    Your psn account? LOL. I'm going to take screen shots of my old xbox live account back when I played halo 2 like a stupid teenager just incase
  6. New Guy From La

    i got my bios done on november 23rd. 6 months damn i hope i dont have to wait that long
  7. New Guy From La

    whats up guys my name is Sergio. i have been waiting for an answer for my EAD since my biometrics and that was in november. do i win for having the longest wait?
  8. Welcome to the forums feaster :)