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  1. License - Florida

    I have, first you have to do a 4 hour alcohol and drug test online, once you do that you go to the DMV, with your social and proof of address, I used the letters from immigration for mine. You take the signs and road rules test at the DMV that same day (You can take it up to 2 times a day) and then they schedule you for your actual driving test. Easy peasy!
  2. Soo tired of waiting for capital one to repky to see if I got approved or not.

  3. For Those Already Approved

    I got my e–mail bright an early, it was sometime before 8:30AM.
  4. The Following is blowing my mind.

  5. How To Change Ssn With Current Employer?

    I looked up the form online and I think that is the best option that I have come across, thanks!
  6. I've been at my job for over half a year, my manager is super cool and she knows everything about the process I had to go through to get a SSN. I'd like to change the SSN i have on file to the one that was issued to me, but neither of us have any idea how to go about this. Would she have to explain to her higher ups the situation, or can we just say something among the lines that my work permit was renewed and a new social was issued? (I have no idea if that even happens) I work way too hard to not get taxes back, and I would appreciate any tips! Thanks!
  7. Called the Boston/Watertown PD to tell them how hard they rock, was pleasantly surprised to hear the other end of the phone sound so happy and genuinely thankful, GOOD NIGHT.

    1. Gezinha


      I am proud to be part of this great city!

    2. amor


      That's awesome!! They deserve it and so much more.

  8. Any One Else Going On 8 Months?

    I know the waiting part really sucks, I waited for 6 months. but if its any comfort, when you get your EAD card in the mail, everything after that goes so fast, I got mine on a Friday, applied for a social that next Tuesday, picked up a official form with my SSN on Thursday, and got my drivers licence the Tuesday after. Its kinda funny because I got my licence before I got my SS card in the mail, I guess what I am trying to get across is that when it finally happens and everything starts coming together, how long you waited seems really really worth it, I still hold my licence and stare at it like it was a new born I even got a new wallet to put it in, ANYWAY. Good luck with everything to everybody and speedy wishes to all of y'all!
  9. Finally!

    A month and 10 days after I received the notice that my case had been transferred from Vermont to Nebraska, I finally got my letter of approval! The whole day I've been thinking of what the next steps are, and I couldn't be happier! My brother and cousin both received their card within a week of their approval so i'm looking forward to mine being in the mail by the end of the week. It kinda feels like you get a restart on life after high school and I'm super excited to build credit, get a car, go to school and get my shit together I've been driving without a licence for sooooo long, i completely forgot about the test i am going to have to take, so before I get my card in the mail, i am completely focusing on studying on the driving handbook and looking at different credit cards I can apply for. To those waiting still, I can only say, hang in there, we have been waiting for years and years and the approval is just out of reach, i feel tremendously lucky and I can only hope many of you get the feeling of the start of something new, we have worked and wished hard for this, and I promise you, this feeling that I feel is way worth it, and i would do it all over again. Good luck and best wishes to all of you!
  10. Missing Something.

    Received not revived...
  11. I keep seeing questions/answers saying,"my 6 months have passed" I'm having a hard time putting it together, six months since what? Since first application got sent? Since you revived notice that your application has been revived? Or since you had your biometrics done? And if it's been 6 months since application was received, and I haven't heard anything back, is it time to give USCIS a call? PS: Biometrics got done, just stuck in the in between stage.. PSS: is it just me or is anybody else feeling a little... Hopeless?
  12. What's This?

    I got the same letter about a month ago and still nothing
  13. It Has Happened!!

    Congrats! I personally keep the text notifications off so I constantly have to check my e-mail, it makes it that more much suspenseful and I think it will be that more much "dramatic" haha, anyways, Hope everything is smooth sailing for you from now on!
  14. I got my biometrics done November 26th in Metairie LA, and my case was being handled by the processing center in Vermont. Up until a week ago, I hadn't received anything from USCIS and my case status remained in "Initial Review." On the 22nd, I recieved an e-mail notifying me that my case was transferred to my local USCIS office for further processing, it said that the new office has jurisdiction over my case and will send me a decision as soon as processing is complete, i though it was odd because they weren't telling me anything new. I got the exact email today and all it did was confuse me more. Well, when I got home today, there was a letter from the DHS letting me know that because of long processing times my case was now being handled by the Nebraska processing center, Id like to know, has this happened to anyone else on here? Does anybody know if that means that I am going have to wait even longer now? One last thing, my 17 year old brother got his biometrics done December 6th in Meteirie as well and he got his acceptance letter along with his EAD on the same day! Could it be his got approved faster because he is a minor?
  15. Welcome to the forums Nholguin89 :)