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  1. I'm going to begin the process of becoming a resident and I was wondering if any one here has done it, my wife is a natural born U.S citizen and will be petitioning me for a green card, thanks.
  2. Has anyone here gotten their citizenship by beeing married to a U.S citizen? I have been married for a while and my wife is a natural born U.S citizen. I'm just curious about peoples experiences with the issue such as cost, how long it takes , etc etc . BTW I was brought to this country without inspection when I was 3 and I'm now 29 years old and have never left the country. Thanks.
  3. In case any one is in the same situation, all I sent were my forms and a photo copy of my EAD card and I was approved for renewal.
  4. Keep us updated, I lost my original I797 form but have my EAD card and will be sending a photo copy of it for my renewall as well.
  5. Daca Renewal

    Do you know if that is a " must "? I lost mine but I have my EAD card.
  6. I have my DACA renewal coming up within the next week and cannot find my original I797 form but have my EAD card. I understand you have to show proof of previous approval, can I just make photo copies of my EAD card and send them with my renewal? has anyone had this issue or know some one ?
  7. Can Our Work Permits Be Renewed?

    Thank you.
  8. job application as a tech for CAT

  9. Can our work Permits be renewed once the two years are over?
  10. Which Bank You Use?

    I use Bank of America,they've been good so far
  11. Ss Number Changing Drama At Work

    Thanks the more I think about it the more I wish I would have gone that route.
  12. Ss Number Changing Drama At Work

    It's going a little rough, I can feel tension from the supervisor but the good thing is I can finally apply for another job and not be afraid (I know I'm not alone on that)
  13. Ss Number Changing Drama At Work

    Anyone here have a hard time changing your SS number at work? I was up front with my supervisor and now I feel like they're looking at me like I did it on purpose to set them up,I'm just wondering if anyone else has had to put up with this bullshit.
  14. Thank You God!!!!

    Congrats!!!! you're going to be in cloud 9 for days to come,I still cant believe it
  15. Ss Questions

    I just verified with my local SS office today during my number process,the clerk told me if you have filed taxes using your ITIN and have the W2's to prove it that it IS possible to transfer the funds.